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Fostering and nurturing spiritual growth and wholeness during your years of living and learning at Ursinus College.

The chaplain can provide support for individuals and groups engaged in religious activities related to specific faith traditions and those exploring personal spiritual development. This includes activities, programs, and classes related to the understanding and appreciation of a variety of cultures and beliefs, the examination of personal values, and the pursuit of justice and contribution to the common good.

The College Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life can:
  • Provide leadership, support and direction for student organizations based in a number of different faith traditions and serve as adviser to groups focused more generally on the pursuit of spiritual development
  • Counsel individuals and groups on issues related to faith and spirituality. Supervise events related to religious traditions and spiritual life.
  • Plan and present programs with speakers, performers, and other activities designed to educate the campus about different religious and spiritual practices and celebrate a variety of traditions.
  • Organize and sponsor student trips to conferences, events, and volunteer mission work.

Spiritual and Personal Development Opportunities 
Learn more about Spiritual Direction, Interfaith Gatherings, Retreats, Mission Trips, Meditation, Vocational Discernment

Engage in Issues of Faith in Contemporary Culture 

Learn more about the Religion and Culture Series, Sisters in the Spirit Lecture, Faith and Life Forum, Chapel on the Road Program and the West African Mission and Study Tour

Spirituality Support Groups and Programs

Information about (SIS) Sisters in Spirit, Pathfinders, and the A.Y.L.A. Pan African Youth Leadership Academy