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Engage in Issues of Faith

There are many opportunities on campus to engage in issues of faith in contemporary culture

Religion and Culture Series

Examining the role that culture plays in the formation of religion and how religion shapes cultural ideas, including but not limited music, literature, and all forms of art. 

Sisters in the Spirit Lecture

A lecture during women’s history month on issues concerning women and religion examining issues surrounding womanist theory, women’s spiritual, physical and emotional well -being, and the relationships between feminist biblical interpretation and practical theology.

Faith and Life Forum

This monthly forum seeks to explore the intersection between matters of faith and contemporary issues in public life. The forum is designed to promote religious literacy and cultural competency concerning communities of faith. The forum is designed first to strengthen town and gown relationships and invite leading thinkers in our community and across the nation that speak to matters of ultimate concern such as love, justice, suffering and salvation that affect our community and world.  Speakers will include scholars of religion, religious intellectuals, and others whose work life and work captures conceptions of the sacred and wrestles with the mysterious dimensions of life. Through lecture, dialogue and debate, our mission is to enrich personal faith by expanding our awareness of the important and pivotal role religion plays in the public square. 

Chapel on the Road Program

This ecumenical program is designed to strengthen the relationship between the Office of the Chaplain and local churches. On  a monthly basis students…

West African Mission and Study Tour

This program will include a trip to West African examine African religion and culture, the European Slave Trade and to understand the long and rich history of the role of religion in the black prophetic tradition and the role of politics in social justice issues facing Africans in the diaspora.