Brock Blomberg

Commentary & Opinion

President Blomberg frequently shares insight about the higher education landscape on The Huffington Post and in other media.

The Real Value(s) Proposition

Ursinus is among 40 “Colleges that Change Lives,” a designation that makes us proud. But to truly understand and reflect on what that means, I’d like to share the inspiring words of one of our current students.

Listen Up

When two college presidents with multiple similarities and differences sat down to talk, one thing became clear: what matters most is the experience of listening across those differences.

Why College Students Are ‘Better Off’ With Social Media 

For me, social media affords not only instantaneous connection, but impact. I see no better way of sharing all the good things happening on our campus with members of the campus community. But like any powerful tool, social media must be used carefully.

The Liberal Arts: A Risky Business

The liberal arts may indeed be risky business, but these are risks we must afford to take. It’s what Galileo would have recommended.

How My SXSW All-Access Pass is Like the Liberal Arts

Very few college presidents find themselves at the corner of Congress and 4th Avenue in downtown Austin, navigating the eclectic sounds—and personalities—of South by Southwest.

Welcome to the Trust Lab

Liberal education — especially at the intimate scale of institutions like Ursinus — can inoculate us against mistrust, even as it threatens to go viral.