On Friday, we proudly celebrated the Inauguration of Brock Blomberg as the 17th president of Ursi...

Lunchtime Talks

Brock’s Lunchtime Talks (BLTs) are small gatherings encouraging open conversation. A great opportunity to learn more about campus-wide developments as they happen.

These faculty and staff-oriented events are not just about power points or lengthy presentations, but lunch is on Brock! A smaller, more intimate setting allows for a robust exchange of ideas among faculty, staff and the college’s leadership in a way email communications cannot. Brock will share tentative agendas prior to each meeting, but you can expect updates on a range of topics including the strategic planning process, community outreach initiatives, philanthropic strategies, the budget planning process, and workplace initiatives and professional development opportunities being led by human resources. Our president also gives enrollment updates on the current recruitment cycle, and allows open to discussion on the cultural, social and economic events shaping the news cycle beyond the campus border.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, all BLT sessions are virtual and will occur, on average, once every month. Check the faculty/staff landing page and “Good Morning, Ursinus!” for more details and for previous recordings of selected BLT sessions.