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Upon his introduction to the Ursinus community, President Brock Blomberg said, “My undergraduate education changed my life. This story is told here at Ursinus every day, only better.”

President BlombergSince becoming Ursinus College’s 17th president in 2015, Blomberg’s unwavering vision for Ursinus has been to position the college as the “first choice” learning institution for students, faculty and staff, as well as for our neighboring community and in our philanthropic efforts. This vision is deliberately reflected in Ursinus 150, the college’s strategic plan, which is built on the three guiding pillars:

  • Learning
  • Living Together
  • Building Lifelong Connections

The plan, which was approved by the board of trustees in May 2017, upholds the college’s historic commitment to liberal education and the liberal arts. It is intentionally designed to be forward-thinking, bold in its vision, and succinct. Please take a moment to review the seven objectives of Ursinus 150, while also reading more about our mission, the pillars and our future together as we head towards our 150th anniversary in 2019-2020.

At a time when the value of a liberal education is often debated and, at times, misunderstood, Blomberg is investing in the liberal arts as a vehicle to prepare students to excel in research and innovation. He believes that through collaborative, bold, and imaginative efforts, we will keep the promises we have made to generations of Ursinus students: to provide students multiple paths to success, to make them architects of their own education, and to prepare them for leadership in an increasingly diverse, interconnected, and globalized world.

This vision for the college has already produced some unparalleled opportunities for Ursinus. The college supports three interdisciplinary research centers that promote faculty and student partnerships. The emergent Philadelphia Experience brings together students who spend a semester living, working, studying and taking classes immersed in the nation’s most historic city. And the planned Innovation and Discovery Center will infuse policy, entrepreneurship and science with a new approach that reaches beyond a multidisciplinary education.

These initiatives—and others on which we are about to embark—foster more creative and innovative thinking, a hallmark of the Ursinus experience.