Event Director Training

Ursinus College empowers students to take responsibility for their environment including during social events.

Students who would like to serve as Event Directors for social events on campus may attend training sessions at the beginning of each semester to gain the knowledge and skills needed to help keep the community safe.

A Certified Event Director is a trained student leader who:

  • Creates a welcoming and safe environment during an event
  • Monitors event attendees and incidents
  • Intervenes as needed to ensure health and safety of all
  • Maintains communication with campus officials

Event Director Training sessions last 60 minutes and end with a quiz that must be passed in order to become a certified Event Director.

*First year students, including first-semester transfer students, are not eligible to become Event Directors.

Training Dates Spring 2020

This spring, there will be 4 training sessions. Click this link to see the dates and sign up for your spot.

Event Director Training Sign Up Sheet


For an event to take place on campus, Event Directors

 must register the event by 4pm the day of the event or 4pm Friday for a weekend event.

Register Your Event

Opening Form for Events  

RAs will help EDs complete the opening form which reviews requirements of the role of EDs and important reminders of guidelines for events.

  • All EDs and affiliated groups hosting the event will be listed and be required to sign the form after reviewing all the information
  • Pictures can be uploaded of damage seen in the space prior to the event to ensure EDs are not held responsible for the damage

Closing Form for Events  

Closing forms only need to be completed if something happens that requires reporting:

  • any kind of damage to any Ursinus building indoors or outdoors such as a broken light fixture or window, etc.
  • any issue or concern that took place during the event such as guest issues, trash concerns, etc.
  • any incident that resulted in shutting down the event early

Focus Group Feedback

Focus Groups on Event Director Program will discuss the 3 main areas that came out of the first round of focus groups that are still in need of solutions:

  • Sobriety of Event Directors
  • Guest Management/Over-crowding
  • Food/Non-Alcoholic Drink Requirements


  • Tuesday, February 25th at 1:30pm in Olin 104
  • Thursday, February 27th at 3pm in Olin 104
  • Friday, February 28th at 2pm in Olin 103

If you would like to set up a time for your organization/group/team to have a focus group on these topics, let Katie know - she can come to you! Kbean@ursinus.edu

  • Katie Bean

    Director, Prevention & Advocacy

  • Anna Marks

    Interim Title IX Coordinator