Event Director Training

Ursinus College empowers students to take responsibility for their environment including social events.

Students who would like to serve as Event Directors for social events on campus may attend training sessions at the beginning of each semester to gain the knowledge and skills needed to help keep the community safe.

A Certified Event Director is a trained student leader who:

  • Creates a welcoming and safe environment during an event
  • Monitors event attendees and incidents
  • Intervenes as needed to ensure health and safety of all
  • Maintains communication with campus officials

Event Director Training sessions last 60 minutes and end with a quiz that must be passed in order to become a certified Event Director.

*First year students, including first-semester transfer students, are not eligible to become Event Directors.

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Training Dates

In Fall 2019, there were 15 training sessions that took place with 403 students becoming Certified Event Directors. Check back here for dates for Spring 2020 training sessions - coming soon…

  • Katie Bean

    Director, Prevention & Advocacy