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Peer Advocates

As a group, we strive to educate the campus as a whole about the issue of sexual misconduct. In this, we want to have an open dialogue between the organization and the campus about the issues relating to this topic that are affecting our campus.

Additionally, the group is here to provide support and guidance for any campus member who is dealing with a personal issue of sexual misconduct. The Peer Advocates hope to be a presence on campus that students can turn to for either general information regarding sexual misconduct or assistance with any part of the reporting process. Through this, we want to see an increase in awareness and less unreported incidents of sexual misconduct at Ursinus.

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Interested in becoming a Peer Advocates?

Applications are due March 27th at 12pm. Interviews will take place over the following two weeks. All candidates are invited to attend Take Back the Night, April 16th from 7pm-9pm.  All new Peer Advocates are required to attend a social to meet the entire team before the end of the semester.

Peer Advocate Info Sessions

  • Wednesday, February 26th at 8pm in BWC Lounge - hot cocoa and munchkins
  • Thursday, February 27th at 8pm in BPS Lounge - hot cocoa and munchkins
  • Wednesday, March 18th at 12pm 
  • Thursday, March 19th at 8pm 

2019-2020 Peer Advocates

Peer Advocates offer one-on-one support for complainants seeking guidance through policies, procedures, and resources on and off campus.  Peer Advocates guide complainants and respondents through each step of the college’s procedures.

  • Addie Frey

    Class of 2021

    Psychology and Environmental Studies

  • Jane Krol

    Class of 2021

    Anthropology and Sociology (studying abroad Spring 2020)

  • Abby Peabody

    Class of 2022

    International Relations

  • Taylor Pyle

    Class of 2021

    Psychology and Educational Studies

  • Randi Rossi

    Class of 2021

    Psychology (studying abroad Spring 2020)

  • Briana Voyton

    Class of 2020

    Anthropology and English

  • Carver Wolfe

    Class of 2021

    French and International Relations (studying abroad Spring 2020)

Have Questions?

Reach out to Sarah Noon, the Prevention Specialist