a wheel labeled with 6 spokes - physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial, and intellectual.


Ursinus College is committed to providing an environment that embeds health into all aspects of campus life and promotes healthy lifestyles for all.

Health & Wellness Resources

There are 6 dimensions of health that are all intertwined and impact one another. Students should consider ways to balance their lifestyle and habits within all 6 dimensions. See below for a sampling of UC resources that would fall under each category. 

Mental and Emotional Health

  • Individual counseling services are provided at the Wellness Center with a Crisis Hour taking place each weekday from 2pm-3pm. Also, visit their website to check out the groups they offer each semester based on need and interest.  You can also complete a webform to invite the Wellness Center Staff to facilitate a workshop with your group, team or organization. 
  • Individuals can participate in individual Health and Wellbeing Coaching offered by Prevention and Advocacy staff. Coaching consists of private appointments to set goals, increase motivation, or address a specific wellness-based issue. Complete this intake form to sign up for a coaching session. 
  • Check out the events throughout the semester offered by our office that include a variety of options such as How to Avoid Burnout, Customizing Your Self-Care, and Building Resilience through Mindfulness and Meditation and even Kahoot Games where you can win prizes for your knowledge of health and well-being.
    • You can find these workshops on the UC calendar or follow Prevention and Advocacy on instagram to get updates: @UCPreventionandAdvocacy

Physical Health

Social Wellness

  • For students in recovery, finding a social network and supportive peer group is critical. Check out the options available for students in recovery, and those with loved ones in recovery.  
  • The Institute for Inclusion and Equity provides social gatherings and dialogues on a variety of critical topics and many student organizations are advised through this institute
  • There are tons of student organizations to get involved with including Greek Life which is all organized under Student Activities
  • Meet others and have fun at the late night events and programs with Ursinus After Dark
  • Radiance is the campus’s LGBTQ+ Community Resource Center within the Institute for Inclusion and Equity

Spiritual Wellness

  • There are weekly chapel services, interfaith dialogues, and spiritual direction provided by the Office of the Chaplain . Check out the Spiritual Formation and Service Opportunities available through the office
  • Meditation Mondays are offered in the Buddhist tradition every Monday at 7pm in the Chapel.
  • Yoga Asana classes are a great way to bring the body, mind, and spirit together in a reflective practice. There are options in person including Intro to Yoga, Yoga and Journaling Workshops, Meditation Sessions and there are options online such as Rise and Stretch Yoga and Yoga for Desk-sitters.
    • You can find these and more dates on the UC calendar or follow Prevention and Advocacy on instagram to get updates: @UCPreventionandAdvocacy.

Intellectual Wellness (aka Academic/Professional Wellness)

  • Academic Coaching is an opportunity to focus on your intellectual wellness and improve your knowledge, performance, and production as a student. 
  • You can meet with peers individually or in groups to get assistance with your writing at the Center for Writing and Speaking.
  • Resources are available all year long for students at the Career and Post-Graduate Development Center including job fairs, resume help, interview assistance, career coaching, and much more. 
  • The Quest: Core Curriculum is based on the 4 Open Questions. Student Affairs strives to incorporate these questions outside of the classroom too.  

Financial/Occupational Wellness

  • All available on-campus jobs can be found on Handshake via the Career and Post-Graduate Development Center.
  • More details on the paperwork and information needed for all on-campus jobs can be found at the Student Employment website through HR.
  • All information regarding financial aid and billing can be found on the Student Financial Services website. 
  • iGRAD is a financial well-being portal that all students have access to throughout and beyond their time as a student. Sign up and make your free profile today at ursinus.igrad.com

Check out these additional Resources for Student Support include offices like Residence Life and logistics for daily life on campus.

Sexual Misconduct Resources, including information on reporting and support services, can be found on the Title IX Website.

6 dimensions of wellbeing