Virtual Coaching: email to schedule an appointment.


Prevention and Advocacy provides services for the entire campus community: students, faculty and staff, coaches, as well as parents and alumni. We are a resource for every constituent regarding holistic health and wellness.

Services for Students:

  • Campus-wide awareness events in collaboration with other departments and student groups
  • Individual brief assessments for alcohol and other drugs., including nicotine and vaping. To make a private appointment, email
  • Health and Wellbeing Coaching around all kinds of wellness topics including mental, physical, spiritual, and social health. To make a private appointment, email 
  • Resources and referrals to on and off-campus supports including support for students in recovery
  • Group educational classes and training sessions focused on low to no-risk choices around alcohol and other drugs including Influence of Marijuana, Alcohol’s Impact and Event Director Training. Each of these take place multiple times each semester – visit those webpages to register to attend a training session and learn more.
  • Personalized group training sessions for student organizations including bystander intervention education
    • New in 2022Is Drinking In Your Job Description for upperclassmen who are seeking internships, are in internships, or are considering how alcohol in the workplace should be handled during holiday parties, work happy hours, and even interviews. Email to request this workshop for your group or team.

Services for Faculty:

  • Don’t Cancel That Class program providing guest speakers on wellness topics personalized to fit your syllabus. Staff are qualified to discuss a variety of wellness topics. To request a guest speaker, email
  • Did you know that holding Friday morning classes or meetings is a Tier 3 prevention strategy from the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse? Check out the research on how alcohol impacts academic success.
  • Interested in helping to improve the culture around substances on campus? Join the Community Standards on Alcohol and other Substances (CSAS) Committee to actively play a role in collecting and reviewing data to address trends and create recommendations for the College on how to improve the culture around substances. The committee is working on the Impact of Substances Summit to be a part of the Annual Community Conference in Spring 2022!

Services for Coaches:

  • REQUIRED TEAM TRAINING: Each year, every team will undergo a personalized training session connecting leadership among the team to leadership in a social setting. This will vary each year and include topics such as recognizing high risk behaviors like hazing, substance use disorder, and sexual misconduct - and focus on the impact of wellness, alcohol and drugs on performance.  The session utilized a proven effective technique called Group Motivational Enhancement and requires a survey to be completed by each athlete every other year - Fall 2022 is a survey year. To request a training, contact Katie Bean directly or email
  • Private consultations regarding student-athlete concerns. To consult with the Director, email Katie Bean at
  • Additional workshops on any well-being topic can be scheduled any time based on interest. The most popular are How to Avoid Burnout and Customizing your Own Self-Care Routine. Yoga asana and meditation are also rising in popularity. 
    • If you have an athlete who has a substance use disorder, our office can provide an Allies of Recovery Training for the team and coaches to ensure everyone can support each other.