Academic Calendar

  • Fall 2020

    Date Day Event
    August 20 Th Fall Block CIE classes begin
    September 7 M Fall Semester regular classes begin
    September 18 F Last day to add classes
    September 28 M Block CIE grades due
    October 23 F Mid-semester grades due
    November 4 W Last day to drop with “W”
    November 11 W Spring term registration begins
    November 24 T Spring term registration ends
    November 25 W Last day of in-person classes
    November 26-29 Th-Su Thanksgiving Break begins
    November 30 M Classes resume - Remote
    December 14 M Last designated Thurs. class
    December 15 T Last day of classes; Last designated Fri. class; Last day to drop
    December 16-19 W-Sa Final Exams - Remote
    December 21-22 M-T Final Exams - Remote

    Spring 2021

    Date Day Event
    January 18 M College closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    January 20 W Spring Semester classes begin
    February 2 T Last day to add classes
    February 18 Th Break Day
    March 3 W Break Day
    March 5 F Mid-semester grades due
    March 8-12 M-F No Labs
    March 16 T Break Day
    March 24 W Last day to drop with a “W”
    March 31 W Break Day
    April 5 M Fall semester registration begins
    April 13 T Break Day
    April 16 F Fall semester registration ends
    April 22 Th CoSA
    April 30 F Last designated Tuesday. class
    May 3 M Last designated Thursday class
    May 5 W Last Day of Classes;  Last Day to Drop
    May 6 Th Reading Day
    May 7-8 F-Sa Final Exams
    May 10-13 M-Th Final Exams
    May 14 F Baccalaureate
    May 15 Sa Commencement