Exam Times

Final exam schedule for Spring 2024.

Final examinations will be held according to the class meeting times in the table below.

Final exams are scheduled for a three hour time period

Date 9 a.m. Exam 1 p.m. Exam 6 p.m. Exam
Friday, May 3 8:10am TuTh, 8:35am TuTh 9am MWF, 9am MTuThF, 9am MTuWF, 9am MTuWTh, 9am MWThF CHEM-108L
Saturday, May 4 1:30pm MWF, 1:30pm MTuThF, 1:30pm MTuWF, 1:30pm MW, 1:30pm M 10am TuTh



Monday, May 6 8am MWF, 8:40am MWF, 8am MTuThF, 8am MTuWF, 8am MTuWTh, 8:10am MW, 8:35am MW 3pm TuTh, 2:50pm TuTh 1:30pm Th BIO-102Q
Tuesday, May 7 100 level Spanish 12/12:30pm MTuF, 12/12:30pm MThF, 12/12:30pm MTuTh, 12/12:30pm MTuThF, 12pm TuTh CHEM-208
Wednesday, May 8 11am MWF, 11am MTuThF, 11am MTuWTh, 11am MTuWF, 11am MF 2:30pm MWF, 2:30pm MTuThF, 3pm MW; 1:30pm W CHEM-108
Thursday, May 9 1:30pm TuTh, 1:30pm Tu 10am MWF, 10am MTuThF, 10am MTuWF, 10am MTuWTh  

Classes that do not fit into the times above will be reviewed after the drop/add period is completed and final exam times will be assigned prior to the last day of classes for the semester.

Check Self Service for your own specific final exam schedule later in the semester.