Graduating Seniors

Congratulations!  Your graduation date is just around the corner.

We are looking forward to celebrating this important milestone with you.

Please note that all graduating seniors must apply to graduate. Students will not receive a diploma if they have not applied to graduate. The Graduation Application is available under Self-Service for Students/Academics. On the left there is a graduation cap – under this icon (Graduation Overview) is the application.

Your full name is listed along with an area for you to list your name as you wish it to appear on your diploma.

  1. Graduation Term – is the “Commencement” term – Spring 2024
  2. Complete the Preferred Name on Diploma
  3. Complete Phonetic Spelling to ensure your name is pronounced correctly at Commencement (for names that are frequently mispronounced).
  4. Check Degree and Majors [If discrepancies please complete appropriate forms to have your records adjusted prior to completing the Graduation Application.] (Minors will be verified in the spring.)

If you will not be graduating in May 2024 please contact the Registrar’s Office to discuss your plans so that we may adjust your records

Complete the Graduation Application by January 24, 2024.