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Transfer Credit Policy

Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit from Other Colleges

Students may obtain transfer credit and/or advanced placement credit and thus be exempted from taking certain courses at Ursinus College in a number of ways. If you have questions about these options, please contact the Registrar’s Office at (610)409-3605.

1. Transfer Credit for college courses taken during high school

Courses taken previously at another college in the U.S. are evaluated for transfer by the Registrar. Requirements for the course to be considered for transfer include:

  • The class was taken on-site at the college and was taught by a college professor.
    Transfer credit will not be awarded where a course is taken at the high school and is then recorded on a college transcript. 
  • The final grade earned was a C or better.
  • The college course did not fulfill a requirement for high school graduation or college entrance.

The Registrar determines which Ursinus course is comparable when awarding transfer credit. If credit is awarded for a course for which there is no comparable course at Ursinus, it is transferred as “free” credits (e.g., Sociology - 6 credits, free). Credit is transferred, not grades. Thus the grade received for a course taken elsewhere does not enter into computation of the student’s GPA.

Please note: If a student wants to take a course at another college or university in the U.S. and transfer credit to Ursinus after matriculating as an Ursinus student (e.g., summer after the first year), the course must be pre-approved for transfer by the Registrar.

2. International Baccalaureate

Students who have obtained the IB may receive up to one year of college credit. The exact number of credits and the equivalents in the Ursinus curriculum are determined by the Registrar and the relevant departments. No credit is given for Subsidiary level exams. Scores of 5-7 are  considered for credit in the Higher level exams.

3. Advanced Placement - Required Scores & Courses Equivalencies

Students may earn credit for college courses through the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, depending on the score earned. As you know, AP is a nationalized program with specially trained instructors, and a standardized curriculum and testing program. A student’s score on the standard test may be from 1 to 5, with a 5 being equivalent to an A. Individual departments specify the score that they will accept for AP credit and the course equivalent. (See chart in First Year Student Academic Guide)

4. Transfer Credit for college courses

Courses taken previously at another college in the U.S. are evaluated for transfer by the Registrar. Requirements for the course to be considered for transfer include: the class must be taught by a college professor; the final grade earned must be a C or better. In addition, to be considered for transfer, courses must be consonant with the rigor, content, and mode of instruction of courses offered at Ursinus. 

Ursinus courses feature in-person interactions between students and between students and faculty that produce discussion that reinforces and intensifies the learning that takes place outside of the classroom. These interactions depend upon the reading of verbal and non-verbal cues and spontaneous responses that can only take place in face-to-face, in-person interactions. In addition, Ursinus courses typically include opportunities for critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, developing arguments through logic, evidence and reasoning, and teamwork, all of which are facilitated by a setting that supports interpersonal interaction and exchange. However, the College does recognize that experiencing a variety of teaching and learning formats can be a benefit to students.  For that reason, it is the policy of the College to accept in transfer no more than two (2) courses totaling no more than eight (8) credit hours for courses that do not foreground such interactions, as in courses featuring only online or otherwise mediated instruction.

Students who take coursework abroad at any institution other than an Ursinus College partner (that is, one of the exchange universities or study abroad program organizations with which the College has a written agreement), can only receive consideration for transfer credit upon submission of a course-by-course transcript evaluation completed by WES. Students are advised to create an account with WES and submit all required documentation as soon as possible upon completing their coursework abroad, as this process can take time. The student will bear all responsibility and costs for the WES transcript evaluation.