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Religious and Spiritual Life

Encouraging students to explore and develop their spiritual life as part of a liberal arts education. 

In concert with the College’s goal to provide a transformative experience for students, the chaplaincy program is designed to help students explore, nurture, and strengthen their spiritual lives. The objective of the program is to provide students with a means to express their faith, if they wish to do so, in a safe, respectful, and open manner. 

The primary goal is to provide an integrative space for students to engage and explore quintessential ontological questions that have to do with making meaning of the self in relation to the world and aspects of the new core curriculum that asks students to thoughtfully consider answers to four fundamental questions:

  • What should matter to me?
  • How should we live together?
  • How can we understand the world?
  • What will I do?

Because of our Ursinus tradition of encouraging intellectual curiosity, interdependent living and the interplay of diverse voices, we strive to promote interfaith cooperation and religious literacy in order to foster inclusive relationships and attitudes within our campus community.

Ursinus College Religious and Spritual Life Observance Policy

Religious and Spiritual Life News


Originally founded as the Jewish Student Organization in 1979, Ursinus Hillel is the center for Jewish student activities on campus.
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Reverend Terri Ofori

Bomberger Hall

Alexandria Frisch

Coordinator of Jewish Life
F. W. Olin Hall 208

Reverend Terri Ofori

Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life