Interfaith Experiences

Interfaith initiatives foster formal and informal connection, education, and dialogue between faculty, staff, and students of differing religious traditions.

Ursinus College honors the wide diversity of religious and spiritual practices that make up our campus and its surrounding community. We are a proud member of the Interfaith Youth Core.


Monthly Interfaith Gatherings (Open to the Community)

Throughout the semester we will schedule different events to facilitate interfaith discussions with invited guests, which will include a rabbi, priest, minister, imam, as well as other religious leaders to promote peace and understanding among various religions.


A group for those interested in interfaith dialogue as a pathway to revelation, reconciliation, and religious understanding.


  • Students actively engage in each other’s traditions
  • Students of various faiths feel comfortable seeking counsel from both the Chaplain and the Rabbi
  • Increased knowledge of various religious traditions

Interfaith Understanding

While American calendars are largely derived from Christian-rooted cultures and holidays, we recognize the inequitable impact this has on members of our community who observe other religious and spiritual practices.

View Interfaith Calendar

To that end, we offer this calendar as an imperfect attempt to highlight the diversity of observances present within the Ursinus College community and equip students, faculty, and staff with the information necessary to create a campus environment that strives to fully include and welcome people of all backgrounds.

If you have questions about these holidays, or see things missing that you feel might be important to add, please contact College Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life Rev. Betty Wright-Riggins at Ext. 3273

Reverend Betty Wright-Riggins

Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life
Bomberger Hall