Vocational Discernment

Through the lens of spirituality and direct engagement with the inner life students will learn how to examine and explore their passion and how they should use their passion to engage the world.


During the academic year, there will be a vocational discernment retreat for students. Summer retreats for spiritual reflection are offered for faculty and staff.

Chapel Leaders

An initiative through the Office of the Chaplain designed to engage qualified students in the discernment of their own vocational interests, spiritual formation and servant leadership development as they learn and serve in various capacities at Ursinus College. Chapel leaders are invited to make meaning of their academic work in relation to their religious beliefs and examine how faith shapes their vocation and life. Chapel leaders are awarded a stipend to support their education.

(SIS) Sisters In Spirit

Sisters in Spirit (SIS) is a support group for women who wish to utilize spirituality as a resource for support for personal development and communal transformation. SIS provides a separate space for students and faculty and staff to engage in their ritual meetings. This group also functions to identify and support women who seek to develop a leadership role in the church and the academy as theologians and clergy. A hallmark of the Sisters in Spirit program is an opportunity to visit the United Nations headquarters in New York to participate in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women. The Sisters in Spirit program is concluded each year with a retreat for the women, both students and faculty and staff, to celebrate their spiritual growth together. 

Faith and Leadership Academy

The Faith and Life Leadership Academy is designed to identify students of faith with leadership potential and to help them to put their faith in action by examining the intersection of faith in public life. A special emphasis will be placed on learning how faith can be used to bring about peace, healing and reconciliation in a divided world. Students (a cohort of 7- 8 students) will be encouraged to develop narratives that empower and offer avenues for agency for personal and communal transformation. The Faith and Life academy will include monthly meetings, seminars, workshops, and community service. Ursinus faculty from the AAAS, History, Religious Studies, the Institute for Inclusion and Equity, community leaders and guest speakers will meet with students in monthly meetings throughout the academic year.

Reverend Betty Wright-Riggins

Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life
Bomberger Hall