Pre-Theological Studies

(SIS) Sisters in Spirit

Sisters in Spirit is a support group for women who wish to utilize spirituality as a resource for support for personal development and communal transformation. This group is also functions to identify and support who seek to develop a leadership role in the church and the academy as theologians and clergy. An outreach of (SIS) Sisters in Spirit is attendance and participation at  a session of the United Nations Committee for the Status of Women.


A group for those interested in interfaith conversation as a pathway to religious literacy, reconciliation, and social justice. 

P.A.Y.L.A. Pan African Youth Leadership Academy 

This group is designed to engage  and identify youth  with leadership potential in the African diaspora.  P.A.Y.L.A. is guided by the African philosophies of Ubuntu and Sankofa. Ubuntu places a high premium on human dignity, compassion, and respect for others that supports the ethos of the beloved community espoused by Martin Luther King and Howard Thurman.  Youth will be encouraged to develop projects  to help their respective communities in keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Goals.

Reverend Betty Wright-Riggins

Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life
Bomberger Hall