In your first year at Ursinus, you can begin doing research with faculty or creating your own works of art; by the time you graduate, you can be a published author or an artist exhibiting in a museum or performing on stage. We’ll help you every step of the way.

Ursinus faculty see students as peers: collaborators in research and creative activity. Students can begin working in research labs or starring in shows and exhibitions their first year on campus. We help students with funding so they can continue that work and travel around the country to share it. They can also share their work with the rest of campus at the annual Celebration of Student Achievement. Students can participate in Summer Fellows, a unique program where students from any subject get paid to do independent work on a subject they come up with. That work often leads to an Honors Project: a year-long, in-depth project that is the ultimate conclusion to a student’s career.

  • Funding for Student Research Travel

    Ursinus has funds available to help you travel to conferences to present your work to other students and scholars in your field. You can apply for up to $300 per year for transportation, lodging, and registration fees. See the Research Funding and Resources website, and contact Kelly Sorensen for more information