Celebration of Student Achievement

Our students do amazing things inside and outside of the classroom, so for COSA, we postpone classes to help them show off.

Join the Celebration
Thursday, April 22, 2021

CoSA 2021 schedule

Every April, we reschedule classes for a day so every student can participate in the Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA). The day is filled with talks, poster presentations, and performances from hundreds of students from every discipline, from first-year students to seniors.

All presentations, posters and performances will be available virtually through Digital Commons and are accessible to the Ursinus community with most also being shared with the public. In addition, many will be presented in-person on campus. 

Students who present are able to share their work with their fellow students and faculty and gain valuable experience; students who hear a talk or see a performance learn about the wide range of great work their peers are doing and what opportunities are available to them.

COSA Spotlight

The Impact of Race and Ethnicity on COVID-19

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Shallot Smith: A Sci-Fi Play

Do Youth Development Programs Lead to Future Success?

How Food-Producing Trees Can Combat Food Insecurity in Urban Areas 

How Coral Reacts to Different Stressors

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