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CoSA Application

The deadline to apply for CoSA 2018 is Tuesday, April 3.

Every April, we cancel classes for a day so every student can participate in the Celebration of Student Achievement (CoSA). The day is filled with talks, poster presentations, and performances from hundreds of students from every discipline, from first-year students to seniors.

Students who present are able to share their work with their fellow students and faculty members and gain valuable experience; students who hear a talk or see a performance learn about the wide range of great work their peers are doing and what opportunities are available to them.

Please complete the following form to apply to participate in this year’s CoSA event. Before starting, you should prepare an abstract describing your presentation with a maximum of 200 words. For group presentations, please submit only one application.

We’re glad you want to join the celebration!

Choose the program most closely associated with your presentation.
If appropriate, select your second major or minor.
List co-presenters separated by comma (format: first name last name).
Format: first name last name.
Please limit to 200 words
Choose as many answers as fit your project.
May include a course, location of activity, name of organization, or name of a conference or performance.