Research Funding and Resources

Money isn’t everything, but it can sure help when you have a great idea.

Student Research Forms

We want students to have every opportunity to pursue a great idea, which is why we set aside funds specifically for student research.

Student Research Funding Application

We also want you to be able to share your great work with others, so we have funds available to help you travel to conferences and meetings to share your work with other students and scholars in your field.

Student Research Travel Application

Sometimes your research will involve human subjects and animals; to protect everyone involved, your project may need to approved by the Institutional Review Board or follow Animal Welfare Assurance guidelines.

Purchasing reminders

  • Purchases should be made through the college in order to avoid payment of sales tax wherever possible (the college is exempt). 
  • Please indicate the location for where to send your check on any reimbursement requests.
  • All accounting is currently done remotely, please scan any receipts and email with your request.
Academic Affairs

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