Summer Snapshots

Our Summer Fellows are engaging in independent and impactful academic research and creative projects with faculty mentors that push the boundaries of their intellectual creativity. These are examples of just some of the work happening on campus this year.

A Hands-on Approach to Restoring a 70-year-old Observatory


Using Maps to Identify Sources of Nutrition in Food Deserts


A Solution to the Plastic Pollution Problem


The Cultural Legacy of Ursinus Field Hockey


Understanding What Drives U.S. Relations in Asia


Translating the Ursinus Experience for Latinx Families


Innovations in Materials Science


Mystery & Magic: Playwriting in Theory and Practice


Student-created Course Aims to Teach Use of Neutral Language


The Loss of In-Person Performances


Do Social Movements Fuel Women’s Political Ambitions?


Flipping the Script on Female Roles in Horror Stories