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Share your favorite moments from #UCAirband on social media!

Share your favorite moments from #UCAirband on social media!

What is Airband?

Airband is a 36-year old Ursinus tradition. It’s a show full of interactive dancing/lip-syncing performances held in the Lenfest auditorium each spring. Join Ursinus clubs, organizations, and teams as they produce their best choreographed dances! 

Each year a committee of students chooses a charity which benefits from an on-going fundraising campaign. This year The Clinic was chosen by the Airband Committee.

The Clinic is a volunteer-based medical center for the uninsured and underserved. The Clinic is a comprehensive center that provides quality health care to provide solutions to uninsured patients and to promote overall wellness. The Clinic serves the greater Philadelphia region through providing medical coverage to patients that reside in the region.


This year, the categories for awards are:

  • Best Comedy
  • Best Creativity
  • Best Choreography
  • The Carla Rinde Award for the Best Overall Performance


  • Debbie Nolan – Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Holly Hubbs – Professor and Music Department Chair
  • Meghan Brodie, Assistant Professor of Theater
  • John Bera – Director of Campus Safety
  • Mark Schneider – Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean

The Emcees

Mikaela Bordonaro, Sam Pope, & Rachel Hyman

 Airband Committee

Jenna Itri, Deniyele Levin-Glickstein, EJ Madarasz, Madison Moses, Samuel Pope, Joanna Timmerman, Danielle Ubiel, David Walters, Amanda Otto, Jordan Toy

The Performances 

Kappa Delta Kappa and Friends

Under the Sea Phi

Amanda Otto, Lauren Feldman, Emily Jolly, Meg Koeller, Greta Lagerberg, Gabby Lomanto, Allison Lubczanski, Suzanne Angermeier, Fiona Copeland, Rae Hodenfield, Claire Hughes, Briana Voyton.

Bearly Funny Improv

An Exploration of Love

Daniel Walker, David Walters, Julia Hodenfield, Robert Wilf, Adam Moritz, Claire Hughes

Escape Velocity

Danielle Uibel, Amanda Otto, Brittani Schnable, Brooke Moses, Jackie Henigan, Jenna Endy, Jess McFall, Joanna Timmerman, Lexie Mastrangelo, Madi Moses, Sam Martin, Shira Levin

Resident Advisors

The Dream of the 90s