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What is Airband?

Airband is a 35-year old Ursinus tradition. It’s a show full of interactive dancing/lip-syncing performances held in the Lenfest auditorium each spring. Join Ursinus clubs, organizations, and teams as they produce their best choreographed dances! 

Each year a committee of students chooses a charity which benefits from an on-going fundraising campaign. This year Girls Rock Philly was chosen by the Airband Committee.

Girls Rock Philly is a volunteer-based music and mentoring organization dedicated to empowering girls, women, and trans youth and adults from the greater Philadelphia region through music education and activities that foster leadership skills, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.




This year, the categories for awards are:

  • Best Comedy
  • Best Creativity
  • Best Choreography
  • The Carla Rinde Award for the Best Overall Performance


  • Carla Rinde, Director of Career and Professional Development
  • Terrence Williams, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Pete “Pedro” Looft, Campus Safety Officer
  • Meghan Brodie, Assistant Professor of Theater
  • Angie Cuva, Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Student Activities

Airband Committee

Scott Andrews, Kellee Chinn, James Daring, Samantha Frost, Kerry Hitchner, Deniyele Levin-Glickstein, Ria Malones, Madison Moses, Sam Pope, Justin Smith, David Walters, and Kimberly-Joy Walters

The Line-Up

Why I failed 7th Grade History

Ursinus College Swim Team

Alexandra Hemp, Margaret Leitz, James Callaghan, Travis Veneables, Dan Powell, Colin McNamara, Carl Christoph

Spy Kaps

Phi Kappa Sigma

Ian Rand, Ben Goldstein, Anthony Barbine, Jake Nop, Jordan Hodess, Brian Mitchell, Hunter Gellman, Rowan Davis, Trent Bunyan, Adam Anderson

Origin of the Bear: How Ursinus Acquired its Mascot

Ursinus College Phonathon

Helen Brabant-Bleakley, John Thomas, Carl Christoph, Meggie Leitz, Thalia Garcia,Shelby Carmichael, Chloe Sheraden, Bryan Asiedu, Ashlee Maldonado, Samantha Berlin, Carrie Connolly, Erin McKinney,Andrew Foronda, Rachel Esposito, Declan Brown

Let the Music Take You

Kappa Delta Kappa & Friends

Anika Backelin-Harrison, Ella Cinq-Mars, Courtney Delpo, Lauren Feldman, Romina Kalmeijer, Meg Koeller, Gabby Lomanto, Allison Lubczanski, Amanda Otto, Amanda Rodriguez

Step Bootcamp

Seismic Step

Ashlee Maldonado, Samantha Hageman, Natasha Dartey, Megan Goldston, Kelsey Jean-Baptiste, Karen Mejia, Julissa Bonilla, James Daring, Eden Patrick, Donnay Burden, Devan Cinalli, Ayanna Simmons, Ashley Thomas, Abbygail Jean, Azanae Mahdi-Westcott

High School Musical

Ursinus College Resident Advisors

Courtney DuChene, Laura Maurer, Megan McTaggart, Rachel Hyman,Lauren Feldman,Ria Rathi, Arielle Jones, Thomas Holt, Angela Upright, Katarina Gereda, Colin McCloskey,Michael Esposito, Erin Farrell