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Alcohol Education

The Residence Life Office provides alcohol and drug education and outreach programs for the entire student body. 

Additionally, the staff provides individualized programming for various clubs and organizations on campus, including but not limited to Greek organizations and athletic teams.  Students also have access to the Wellness Center which prides many online resources.

Alcohol and Drug Policies

The Ursinus Alcohol & Drug Policy, as stated in the Student Handbook, indicates:

Event Director Training

Students who would like to serve as Event Directors may attend training sessions at the beginning of each semester.  Only sophomore, junior, and senior students may serve as Event Directors.  The Residence Life Office sends information about the training sessions to all students in early September and January.

Event Directors must follow all Event Director procedures. These procedures will be distributed and explained at Event Directors’ training. Questions regarding event directing or social events should be directed to the Residence Life Office or emailed to

Additional Campus Resources

Learn more about the services offered at the Wellness Center.  Students who believe they may have a drinking or drug problem can contact the Wellness Center at 610-409-3100 or via email at

Students can also take the E-Chug and E-Toke self-assessments.