Resident Advisor Application Questions


1. What Will I Do?

Please explain why you have chosen to apply for the Resident Advisor position. What values are currently most significant to you, and how do you exemplify them? How do you see these values translating to the RA position?

2. How Should We Live Together?

Please give an example of a time you cultivated community amongst a group of people. B. How have your experiences at Ursinus influenced your perception of the way members in a community should live together? In what ways will you communicate and encourage these standards/values/ideals with your residents?


3. How Can We Understand the World?

Tell us about a person you admire or an experience you have had that impacted or changed the way in which you understood the world? What about this person or experience will you keep in mind as you enter the RA role, and how might it help you?

4. What Should Matter To Me?

Describe skills you possess that make you an asset to the role and the team. Which aspects of the role do you anticipate will be the most challenging for you and why? What steps might you take to overcome these challenges? Please support your answer with example(s) of how you have overcome challenges in the past.