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Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations on choosing Ursinus! Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from incoming first-year students.

What is in my room?

Student rooms are equipped for comfortable residence hall living. The College provides a bed, extra-long mattress, desk, chair, bureau and closet space or bureau/wardrobe combination unit for each student. Window shades are provided for each room. The flooring varies from room to room in BPS and BWC; some rooms have tile and some rooms have carpeting. All rooms in BPS and BWC are equipped with a window air conditioning unit. 

What should I bring?

You will need to provide your own blankets, comforter or bedspread, linens, pillow, towels, etc. All mattresses are 80 inches long. Therefore, we recommend that you do not purchase standard length fitted sheets, as they will not fit the 80-inch mattresses. Instead we suggest that you buy standard non-fitted sheets or extra long twin sheets, as well as an extra-long mattress cover.

Since rooms have only a ceiling light fixture, you will find a study lamp extremely useful. We ask that you limit your use of electrical appliances to those listed below. Refrigerators must be no larger than 4.3 cubic feet.  

Personal furnishings may be added to the room within the limits of good judgment, safety and policies as specified in the Student Handbook. We also recommend that you wait until you have moved in before you purchase accessories like bookshelves, bulletin boards, curtains and scatter rugs because you may like what’s already there and your roommate may want to have some input on these matters.

Here’s a List to Get You Started
  • Eat:  cookware, utensils, dishes, cups, can/bottle opener, coffee mugs, travel mug, water pitcher, water bottle, Ziploc bags, Tupperware containers, bag clips
  • Sleep: extra-long twin sheet sets, pillows, mattress pad/foam egg crate, body pillow, comforter, blanket/quilt, bed risers
  • Wash: bath towels, washcloths, shower tote/caddy, soap holder, toothbrush holder, first-aid kit, hair dryer, curling iron, straightening iron, razors, bathrobe, flip flops
  • Organize: storage boxes, storage cubes, drawer organizer, over the door organizer, hangers, hooks, laundry basket/hamper, drying rack, iron/ironing board, flashlight, batteries
  • Study: desk accessories, waste basket, desk lamp, surge protector, extension cord
  • Extras: door mirror, waste basket, posters, microwave, wall art, picture frames, throw pillows, area rug, television, light bulbs, fan

This room is now your home for the next 9 months, personalize it with your roommate(s) and make it a place you want to be!

What should I not bring?

Below is a complete list of prohibited items from the Student Handbook.

  • The use or possession of any flammable substances, flame emitting articles, open coiled/flamed items, or candles
  • Halogen lamps
  • The use of heat-generating electrical equipment such as electric heaters
  • Window air conditioning units (we provide one for each room)
  • Exterior radio and television aerials are prohibited in, on, or about the residence halls/houses or rooms
  • Firearms, ammunition, fireworks, incendiary or toxic chemicals, explosives, and weapons
  • Public signs, college signs, dining hall property, and laboratory equipment
  • Waterbeds and swimming pools of any kind
  • Animals, except fish. Violations involving animals will include disciplinary action and mandatory fines for clean-up costs, currently set to the cost of labor
  • Motorcycles and motor vehicles of any kind
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited in all first-year centers

Taking care of your living area

The residence halls are your home away from home.  As residents, you will be held responsible for damages that occur in your room or building.  In all cases, we hope those responsible for the damage will identify themselves and accept the charges for repairs.  Residents will receive a complete room inventory via email during the first week of classes and have the opportunity to address concerns directly with an Assistant Director of Residence Life.  More information about damage charges is available in the Student Handbook.

Floor Plans and Measurements

The Facilities Services site has floor plans for the first-year centers on their website. All of the rooms vary in size, so we don’t have exact measurements. What we can tell you is that the size of the room increases with the occupancy, and that every student will have a bed, desk with chair, and closet or wardrobe.