May Residence Hall Closing

Non-Graduating Students

  • Students are expected to move-out within 24 hours of their last final or within 24 hours of receiving their second vaccination if participating in the on-campus vaccination clinic on Thursday, May 6 (or as close to that time as possible if signing up for a guest to help them move out).
  • Residence halls are closed to all non-graduating students on Thursday, May 13 at 8PM.
  • Each student is permitted to have one outside guest go inside their residence hall with them to help them move out their items. The guest must be in good health (no symptoms of illness), wear a mask while on campus, and maintain 6 feet distance from other people at all times.
    • Students who want to have one guest help them must sign up for a two hour time block. Timeslots will be capped in each area to prevent overcrowding. Students moving out on their own or with the help of other resident students do not need to sign up for a time.

    • Two hour time slots will begin on Thursday, May 6.
    • Available timeslots are: 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 1PM-3PM, 3PM-5PM, and 5PM-7PM.

Graduating Students

  • Residence halls are closed to all graduating students on Saturday, May 15 at 8PM.
  • Each student is permitted to have one outside guest go inside their residence hall with them to help them move out their items. The guest must be in good health (no symptoms of illness), wear a mask while on campus, and not get within 6 feet of other students.
  • Graduating students are encouraged to sign-up for a timeslot between Thursday, May 6-Thursday, May 13 to have a guest help move items prior to Graduation. Students living in suites with a number of other seniors should begin communicating with one another now about needs for one outside guest to help them on graduation day, and make a plan together to keep the suite de-densified during move-out.

Remote Check-Outs

  • Due to the pandemic, all students will be doing remote check-outs this year. Each residential area (First-Year Centers, New/North/Reimert Area and the Main Street Village) will have their own Zoom links for remote check-outs.
  • Remote check-out Zooms will be staffed by RAs from Thursday, May 6-Thursday, May 13 from 9AM-7PM and on Saturday, May 15 from 12PM-8PM. Students moving out before this time should reach out to their RA to schedule a time to do their remote check-out.
  • Once students have removed all items from their room, they will log onto Zoom. The scheduled RA will walk the student through the check-out and ask questions about the condition of the room.
  • Upon departure, the departing student will fill out a Qualtrics form and upload a picture of their room. Filling out this form confirms the student has checked out.
  • Before students leave campus, they must turn in their room key(s) at Campus Safety in the envelope provided to them by the college. There will be a large wooden box in the foyer of the Key Room at Campus Safety for key returns. Graduating Seniors and students not returning to Ursinus should turn in their MSC mailbox key as well.

  • Failure to complete a remote check-out, complete the Qualtrics check-out form, and turn key(s) in at Campus Safety will result in a $150 improper check-out fine.

First Year Center Remote Check-Out Microsoft Teams Link

New/North/Reimert Remote Check-Out Microsoft Teams Link

Main Street Village Remote Check-Out Microsoft Teams Link

Summer Housing

  • Students may be approved for Summer housing through a college-sponsored program and/or on-campus work (i.e. Summer Fellows, Digital Spark, on-campus employment with an Ursinus office, approved internship through CPD).
  • A separate communication about Summer Housing will be sent by Friday, April 23.


Closing FAQs

  • What should I do with my keys? When moving out, lock room doors, place building and room keys into the key envelope provided to you, and take the envelope to the key box in the foyer of Campus Safety. Non-graduating students must submit envelopes by 8PM on Thursday, May 13. Graduates and residents approved to work Commencement must submit envelopes by 8PM on Saturday, May 15. Failure to return keys in your key envelope could result in a $150 Improper Checkout fine.
  • Can I leave items in my room and/or common room if I am returning to the same space next year? Unfortunately, no. The spaces need to be emptied so our Facilities staff can clean and do necessary renovations and repairs over the Summer. The residence halls need to be cleared out for them to be able to do so.
  • What is the last day of mail delivery? The last day of mail delivery is Friday, May 14. Mail and magazines received after May 14 will be sent to residents’ home address. Please empty your mailbox and pick up packages before leaving campus.
  • How do I dispose of trash? The College provides dumpsters in a variety of locations around campus. Most electronic items are not permitted in the dumpsters, so review signage before utilizing them. Dumpsters will arrive on campus on May 5. Click here to view a map of dumpster locations.
  • When do 24 hours quiet hours begin? 24 hour quiet hours begin at 12:01AM on Thursday, May 6 and remain in effect through 5pm on Thursday, May 13. Residents are reminded to be courteous of neighbors when moving out of the halls during final exams.
  • Where do I take my unwanted reusable items? More information about Sustainable Move-Out will be forthcoming from the Office of Sustainability.
  • Where can I store belongings over the summer? The College does not have storage facilities on campus. Personal and organizational belongings may not be left in rooms or common areas. Any furniture outside of a suite or room after May 15 is subject to be removed by Facilities/Housekeeping and placed into dumpster. There are a number of local storage options in the area. You can also click here to view the storage options in the area. Talk with your RA as they may know other residents who want to share a storage space.
  • What are the guidelines for loading cars? The Reimert Circle and lots behind BPS and Richer/North include fire lanes that cannot be blocked for any length of time. Have belongings packed and ready to load before pulling into a loading zone. Flashers must be on, and vehicles may stay in the lane for a maximum of 15 minutes. Vehicles must stay off grass and brick pathways unless given permission by Campus Safety. Cars will not be permitted on any walkways or campus paths on Saturday, May 15 beginning at 7:00AM. Seniors are encouraged to move out as many belongings as possible prior to Graduation Day. Vehicles in violation of these guidelines may be ticketed and/or towed without warning. Contact Campus Safety with questions at 610-409-3333.
  • What policies are in effect until graduation? All students, including seniors, must abide by ALL policies, including COVID-19 guidelines through graduation.
  • When do we return for the fall semester? Move-in day for the fall semester is Sunday, August 29. If you live more than 4 hours away, you are eligible for arrival on Saturday, August 28 from 1:00PM-4:00PM with approval from our office. Students will receive information about the early arrival request process and Move-In this July.
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