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May Residence Hall Closing

When do I need to move out?

All non-graduating residents must move out of their rooms 24 hours after their last final exam or by 5:00pm on Thursday, May 16, whichever comes first. If you have a final on Thursday May 16 and live 4 or more hours away, you may qualify for an exception to stay.  Please click here to fill out a request.

What if I am a guest of a graduating senior? 

Each senior resident is permitted to register one guest.  Guests must completely vacate their room and return their keys to the Key Room by 5pm on Thursday, May 16 or 24 hours after their last exam, and reside in their senior host’s room.  The College will send more information about guest registration and expectations to seniors.

When do 24 hours quiet hours begin? 

24 hour quiet hours begin at 12:01am on Thursday, May 9 and remain in effect through 5pm on Thursday, May 16.  Residents are reminded to be courteous of neighbors when moving out of the halls during final exams.

What should I do with my keys? 

When moving out, lock room doors, place building and room keys into the key envelope provided during your pre-checkout, and take the envelope to the Key Room at Campus Safety.  Non-graduating students must submit envelopes by 5pm on Thursday, May 16.  Graduates and residents approved to work Commencement must submit envelopes by 6pm on Saturday, May 18.  Failure to return keys in your key envelope could result in a $150 Improper Checkout fine.

How do I dispose of trash?

The College provides dumpsters in a variety of locations around campus. Most electronic items are not permitted in the dumpsters, so review signage before utilizing them.  Check back for updates regarding the arrival date of dumpsters on campus. Click here to view a map of dumpster locations. Any furniture outside of a suite or room after May 9 is subject to be removed by Facilities / Housekeeping and placed into dumpster.

Where do I take my unwanted reusable items?

The Sustainable Move-Out tent will be behind BPS for students to drop off or swap larger items and food.  Please check back for details closer to closing.  The Goodwill on Main Street in Trappe (a few minutes’ walk past the 900s) is open 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday, and Sunday 12pm to 5pm. More information on sustainable move-out will be available closer to graduation/move-out.   

What are damage charges?

Damage charges accrue during the academic school year and at closing.  Residents are responsible for repairs to the physical space and furnishings in individual rooms and common areas that are beyond ordinary wear.  Residents are also responsible for damages in their community that occur during the academic year. Residents should fill out this survey by Sunday, May 19 of any charges for which they wish to take responsibility. For more information related to damage charges, please refer to the Student Handbook

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