Residential Village

A total of 32 (mainly Victorian) homes line Main Street and surroundings with 22 serving as home to  upperclassmen students during the academic year. The houses have been preserved but also transformed by the college to accommodate student living. Each house includes a full kitchen and laundry room. Students who live in Main Street Village cherish the quaint bedrooms and unique common spaces that contribute to a special “home away from home” feeling. The Interest and Identity Housing Programs also reside in the Main Street Village.

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624 Main St. 732 Main St.
624 Main Todd

This quaint, single-gender house is perfect for those looking for a tranquil place to live and study. The house has a kitchen, and the bathrooms were recently renovated. Its central location offers easy access to the library, Commons, and the Innovation and Discovery Center.

624 Main icon Group

Come home to spacious rooms with lots of natural light. This house has a kitchen, beautiful patio area out back, and tons of charming architectural details inside the house. This is a single-gender house.

624 Main icon Group

777 Main St. Clamer
777 Main Street Clamer

777 Main Street is a gender-inclusive housing option in the Main Street Village. This house features a cozy front porch, large common room, and beautiful kitchen. It is also located right near the IDC. For the 2023-2024 academic year, 777 Main Street also hosts the Queer House Affinity community, serving as a home to members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

777 Icon group

Located at 409 Main Street, Clamer features charming and unique architectural details along with spacious rooms. Residents of this community often get very close and enjoy the comfort of the house. It’s closeness to locations like Quick Stop and large, wrap around porch are exciting components for residents too.

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Cloake Commonwealth
cloake-hall Commonwealth Hall

This beautiful house located at 811 Main Street offers a smaller, close knit community with a comfortable living room, large kitchen, and plentiful of yard space. The house is one of our gender-inclusive communities and allows for great programmatic opportunities for residents. For the 2023-2024 academic year, Cloake House also hosts the Community of Diverse Excellence (CODE House) serving as a home to students in our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) campus community.

777 Icon group

This house is located at 500 Main Street, right at the intersection of Main Street and 5th Avenue. The house is directly across the street from the Commons building which makes for easy access to study space and Cafe 2020. This house has a kitchen with seating area and is a single-gender residence as well.

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Duryea Elliott
Duryea Elliott

Located just across the street form the library at 612 Main Street, this house offers a great community atmosphere among a social hub of Main Street. The house has a large common room and is easily identified by it’s large front porch. This is a co-ed residence hall.

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As a previous house of a former Ursinus president, this community is notable for it’s large common room and kitchen. The beautiful exterior of the house, as well it’s proximity to academic buildings and the Wellness Center, make this location ideal for students. Elliott is located at 785 Main Street and is a single-gender community.

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Fetterolf Hillel House (Yost)
Fetterolf Hall yost hillel

Fetterolf is a house located at 544 Main Street that features a mixture of socialness and studiousness for students living in the community. This is emphasized by the large sized multi-purpose room in the house which is great for work sessions and friend gatherings. Students often enjoy the amenities of this co-ed house as well.

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This gender-inclusive house serves as a central hub for Jewish life and education on campus as part of the Affinity housing program. It’s newly renovated common space and kitchen allow for frequent use by residents as well as members of the Hillel student organization for programming and Shabbat dinners. It is located at 33 Sixth Avenue.

Yost Hillel icon group

Hobson Isenberg
Hobson Isenberg

Located on the corner of Main Street and Sixth Avenue, this single-gender house is a great option for students looking to connect with others along Main Street. It is directly across from the Eger Gateway and Myrin Library, making it a great place for balancing academic and social wellness on campus.

Duryea Icon grouping

One of the most historic houses in Collegeville, this beautiful stone home offers great amenities along Main Street. This co-ed house is located at 801 Main Street near academic buildings like Pfahler and the IDC while also being steps away from the Wellness Center. Look for the iconic stone mile marker sign on the corner of the property!

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Lynnewood Maples
Lynnewood Maples

This co-ed house located at 702 Main Street features a grand front porch that is perfect for relaxing and studying on beautiful days in Collegeville. The cozy common room and kitchen are ideal for community building. The house is also located just across the street from the Innovation and Discovery Center.

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Located just across from the Commons building, Maples offers a rich social experience for students due to its close knit nature. Residents enjoy the large backyard space and often spend time relaxing and even cooking on the grill outside. Maples is a single-gender house and located at 512 Main Street.

Maples icon group

Musser Olevian
musser Olevian

This house is the largest of all Main Street communities, offering multiple common lounges and two kitchens within the building. The house features outdoor yard space which is great for relaxing with friends and is a gender-inclusive community located at 23 Sixth Avenue. For the 2023-2024 academic year, Musser Hall also hosts the SPINT International Culture community, severing as a home to many International students on campus as well as students interested in other cultures. Foreign language TAs also find a home in this SPINT community.

Musser icon group

Residents of this house will quickly notice the beauty and uniqueness of the decorative fire place just inside of the main entrance as well as the large front porch. The house is located centrally along Main Street, offering a convenient location to academic buildings. Olevian is a single-gender house and located at 640 Main Street.

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Omwake Schaff
Omwake Schaff

This is the Main Street house closest to academic buildings on campus and is characterized by it’s unique architecture. The large common room and relaxing front porch also make this house a true home for the residents who choose this location. Omwake is a single-gender house and located at 701 Main Street, just steps from the Innovation and Discovery Center.

Maples icon group

Schaff House is located at 646 Main Street, just across the street from the Thomas, Pfahler, and IDC academic buildings on campus. The community is a gender-inclusive residence and features a large, open common room, great for spending time with friends. For the 2023-2024 academic year, Schaff House also hosts the Writing & Arts SPINT community, severing as a home to students who share an interest in performance, music, and literature.

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Shreiner Todd
Schreiner 732 Main Street

This former residence of Ursinus’ founding President Bomberger is located on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Main Street, across the street from the Eger Gateway. The co-ed house has a charming porch, kitchen, and shares a beautiful back yard space with Musser Hall. The location of the house and social nature contribute to a vibrant living experience. 

schreiner Icon group template

This Main Street house is located near Eighth Avenue at 724 Main and features a great sized common room, in addition to a comfortable and relaxing front porch. Residents also enjoy using the grill in the backyard for socializing with friends on beautiful days. Todd is a gender-inclusive residence hall.

Todd Icon group

Wicks Zwingli
wicks Zwingli

As one of the larger houses along Main Street, this building features several different styles of rooms to meet resident preferences. The large common room and kitchen in the house are perfect for studying with classmates or socializing over food and activities. Wicks is co-ed and located at 716 Main Street.

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Zwingli features a large common room which is great for socializing and eating with friends. The house’s convenient location to classes makes it an ideal location as well. The house is located at 620 Main Street and is a gender-inclusive community.

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