Dureyea Hall

Special Interest Houses

Check out the Special Interest (SPINT) Houses and Themes for 2019-2020

  • Community Service
  • Gaming & Technology
  • International Culture
  • Writing & the Arts

SPINT, or Special Interest Housing, provides students with a unique opportunity to collaborate with other students, faculty members, and community organizations by creating affinity groups with common goals and purpose.  SPINT encourages groups of students to come together around a shared social or intellectual idea while simultaneously contributing to the life of the College.   The members of each house work with a faculty mentor to set goals for the year, create and execute programs, and recruit new members for the house.  SPINT is an entirely student-run program; students propose and select the house themes, recruit and select future residents, and create their own events.  The SPINT Program Coordinators, or PCs, serve as the student leaders in each house who work together, along with the Senior Associate of Residence Life, to enhance the experience of the individual students in their house, the rest of the SPINT network, and the entire campus community.