The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid administers a comprehensive program of aid funded through Ursinus, federal, state, and private sources.

A Helping Hand

For 2015-16 Ursinus administers over $60 million in financial aid— over $40 million in the form of scholarships and grants you do not have to repay. Your education is partially underwritten by generous Ursinus alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations. Thousands of supporters are stepping up each year to help you afford Ursinus.

How to Apply

Prospective freshman can apply for financial aid by completingboth of the following forms by February 15:

Verification documents must also be submitted once a student decides to attend Ursinus. See the freshman student financial aid checklist.

Returning students must complete the FAFSA and submit all verification paperwork by May 1 each year. See the returning student financial aid checklist.

May 1st Deadline To Renew Financial Aid

  • The deadline to renew your need-based financial aid for the 2016-17 academic year is May 1st. Please see the upperclass financial aid checklist to make sure you complete all of the necessary steps to renew your aid for next year.

    Financial aid award letters for the upcoming academic year will be available on the Grizzly Gateway beginning in June.