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Ursinus Gateway Scholarship

This program is geared toward making Ursinus an affordable option for high-achieving students.

Ursinus College has announced a new scholarship program that guarantees eligible students $30,000 per year for four years, which nearly cuts the annual cost of attending Ursinus in half.

Every student who applies to Ursinus will be considered for the scholarship. To be eligible for the financial support, at the time of admission students must meet Ursinus’s college prep-level course requirements and present a minimum of an ACT composite score of 27, or a combined 1220 on the critical reading and math section of the SAT.

What are the college prep-level requirements?

  • Four years of English
  • Four years of math
  • Three years of lab science
  • Three years of social science
  • Two years of foreign language
  • Two years of academic electives

Is there a limit to the number of students who are eligible for this aid each year?

No. Each student who meets the qualifications receives the financial aid.

Does the scholarship apply to transfer students?

No. Only incoming, first-year, full-time students are eligible for the scholarship.

Will students who receive this aid also be eligible for other financial support?

Yes. Students still apply for need-based aid via the FAFSA, and those who qualify will receive additional resources.

Can this scholarship be combined with other merit-based aid?

No. Ursinus offers a variety of generous merit- and talent-based scholarship opportunities to incoming students, some with automatic consideration and others requiring separate application. Some of these exceed the value of the Gateway scholarship. See the full list of opportunities.

Since this program requires a minimum standardized test score, will all applicants now be required to submit test scores?

Ursinus is committed to a test-optional admission process. However, students who wish to be eligible for this scholarship must meet with testing requirements. All other students will still be considered for merit-based scholarships that range in value, even exceeding the Gateway scholarship’s amount in some cases.