2024 Laughlin Distinguished Administrator Award

Dr. Henry P. Laughlin ’38 and his wife, M. Page Laughlin, established an endowed prize fund in 1979 to support a series of awards presented to faculty, staff and students. The Distinguished Administrator Award is presented to a leading member of our salaried (exempt) staff with a minimum of 3 years of service and who has made significant contributions to the college above and beyond their regular responsibilities. A person may receive this award only once.

Review the list of eligible employees below and submit your nomination now!

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2024 Laughlin Award Eligible Employees
Katie Bean, Wellness & Counseling
Janelle Benner, Athletics
Alexandra Bieleski, Advancement
Carl Blickle, Athletics
KC Boyle, President’s Office
Amy Brink, CPD
Stephen Buss, Library
Samantha Campo, Athletics
Michael Childs, Athletics
Abbie Cichowski Kim, Advancement
Maureen Clark, Advancement
Christopher Corish, Advancement
Maureen Cumpstone, U-Imagine Center
Ellen Curcio, Student Financial Services
Elizabeth Davidson, Finance
Clifton Davis, Information Technology
Jacqueline D’Ercole, Advancement
Stephen Devlin, Athletics
Jeffrey Endy, Athletics
Brianne Farris, Marketing and Communications
Mark Feinberg, Athletics
Peter Gallagher, Athletics
Amy Gentile, Athletics
Kerry Gibson, Library
Samantha Harvey, CPD
Ashley Henderson, Diversity & Inclusion
Rachel Howard-Franklin, Athletics
Marqus Hunter, Athletics
Nancy Imes, Finance
Joseph Jamison, Athletics
Meghan Jones, Theater and Dance
Christina Kelly, Biology
Monique Kelly, Inclusion and Community Engagement
Ryan Kennedy, Athletics
Mary Keppen, Interdivisional Studies
Alex Kesselman, Student Financial Services
Francis Knebels, Athletics
Kip Lacy, Athletics
Jack LaFayette, Institutional Research
Lauren Martin, Wellness & Counseling
Todd McKinney, Inclusion and Community Engagement
Evaline Miller, Information Technology
Gabe Moliken, Information Technology
Edward Moorhouse, Marketing and Communications
Michael Moronese, Athletics
Alan Morrison, Chaplain’s Office
Alyssa Murphy, Residence Life
Katie O’Brien, Center of Academic Support
Ashling O’Connor, Student Financial Services
Michelle O’Leary, Registrar
Mark Ouellette, Advancement
Cynthia Poruban, CPD
Andrew Prock, Library
Robert Quigley, Athletics
Morgan Raley, Athletics
Jesse Randall, Student Financial Services
Rosemary Roberts, Residence Life
Cecily Scavicchio, Athletics
Jordan Scharaga, Protocol and Special Events
Corey Shaffer, Athletics
James Shuttlesworth, Information Technology
Catherine Sirizzotti, Art Museum
Kevin Small, Athletics
Kimberly Smith, Athletics
Nicole Smith, Academic Affairs
Peter Smith, Athletics
Susan Smith, Information Technology
Sarah Stanziano, Information Technology
Ray Stitt, Information Technology
Erin Stroble, Athletics
Troy Sweisfort, Facilities Services
Suzanne Tennity, Finance
Anthony Terlizzi, Athletics
James Tiggett III, Information Technology
Melissa Tighe, Athletics
Joseph Trump, Information Technology
Barbara Tyson, Student Financial Services
Kimberly Valenti, Athletics
Danielle Wagner, Wellness & Counseling
Carolyn Weigel, Library
Stargell Williams, Athletics
Elizabeth Witt, Art Museum
Jeffrey Wolfe, Athletics
Gabrielle Wright, Campus Safety