Committee Descriptions

Staff Assembly is made up of four distinct committees. Staff are invited to join any of the sub-committees on Staff Assembly. 

Communications Committee

  • Creates a quarterly newsletter.
  • Makes a PowerPoint slideshow and announcements of new employees at Staff Assembly meetings.
  • Maintains and regularly updates the Staff Assembly webpage.
  • Sends special announcements of interest to the staff via email.

Community Relations Committee

  • Plan activities—on and off-campus—that will build a sense of community.
  • Provide opportunities to employees across campus to get to know each other outside of the usual business-related activities.

Professional Development Committee

  • Collaborate with various offices on campus to enhance professional development growth opportunities for staff members, taking advantage of on-campus and external resources
  • Offer regularly scheduled programs and training for Ursinus College staff in consultation with Human Resources, Staff Assembly Executive Board, employee evaluations and Ursinus staff feedback.

Staff Affairs Committee

  • Monitors and responds to the Bear in Mind email.
  • Provides a forum for discussion and recommendation on staff resource matters.
  • Involved with the distribution and final decision of the Tortorelli and Laughlin staff awards.
  • Works in tandem with Human Resources on various programs that impact staff work environment.
  • Assists in planning events with Community Relations to promote a sense of community.