Club Sports Handbook

Introduction and Purpose

The Club Sports Program at Ursinus College is designed to allow students to compete in a variety of sports. Members of the club sport are responsible for the operation of the club. Successful club sports have leaders who communicate effectively not only with their teammates, but also with the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office (LD/SAO).

Club sports are subject to the rules and regulations found in the Student Handbook, the Club Sports Handbook, as well as other applicable policies. The Leadership Development & Student Activities Office runs the club sports program in collaboration with the Athletic Department.

This handbook has been developed to serve as a resource for club leaders, members, advisors, and coaches in the operation of their clubs. It serves as a guide for the management of club sports at Ursinus. All club sport participants must indicate knowledge of the handbook by signing a receipt. Questions not answered in this handbook should be addressed to the contacts listed in Appendix A.


A club sport is a registered student organization intended to promote the common interests of a particular sport or activity through participation and competition. Many clubs are organized for the primary purpose of competition; whether it is intercollegiate or between other club members. For more information on the various levels of club sport participation, please refer to Appendix B.

Participation in a club sport is completely voluntary. Membership is open to all current students regardless of skill level. The clubs are organized and administered by students with the officers providing the organizational leadership for their club’s activities. All clubs practice regularly in order to promote and develop the skills and interests of their members. To be recognized as a club sport at Ursinus College, each organization must agree to abide by the guidelines and expectations outlined in this handbook.

No student may be discriminated against by any organization for reasons of age, color, ethnic or national origin, disability, marital status, political or social affiliation, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

Establishment of A Club Sport

Competitive Club Sportswill be considered only for sports not already offered at the NCAA intercollegiate level.

Rationale: Students have every opportunity to try out for the NCAA intercollegiate team. If enough general student interest is demonstrated, a proposal can be submitted to the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office for Recreational Club Sport status.

If a student group applies for Competitive Club Sport status, and is given approval, they will be considered “provisional” for one year - the semester in which they were granted approval, plus one additional semester. Provisional status means the Competitive Club Sport may not compete on/off campus until their provisional status has been lifted.

Rationale: This provides time for the Competitive Club Sport to demonstrate their interest in competing, and ability to follow guidelines.

Recreational Club Sports may exist even if the sport is offered at the NCAA intercollegiate level.

If a student group is approved for status as a Recreational Club Sport, they are considered “official” once final approval is granted.

Approval of a proposed organization will be granted by UCSG and SASC.

Renewal of Club Sport

In early spring semester, each organization will undergo a yearly review to determine eligibility for the following academic year. The Leadership Development & Student Activities Office will oversee this process with input from the SASC. It will be completed in timeline that is conducive for AFAC requests to be submitted.

At the beginning of the every academic semester, the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office will set up a mandatory meeting for all members of preexisting club sports, as well as their faculty advisors. At the meeting, the Leadership Development & Student Activities staff will review the handbook and other applicable college policies. Following the meeting, the team leaders and advisors will make arrangements with the Assistant Director of Leadership Development & Student Activities to ensure all required paperwork is turned in before the start of any activities.

The Role of the Advisor/Coach

All competitive and recreational club teams must have an advisor who is full time member of the college’s faculty or staff. The role of the advisor shall be to meet regularly with the team he/she has agreed to advise and to provide proper guidance concerning all aspects of operations for the team. The advisor along with the Leadership Development & Student Activities staff will need to approve the expenditure of any funds and make certain that all equipment is properly cared for taking into account any repairs and storage arrangements.

It is the responsibility of the competitive club or recreational club team to obtain a coach in the sport or activity each team participates in if so desired. Any external coach who provides services to the college must be vetted by having a background check and present proof that he or she has coaching experience in the sport or activity that they wish to oversee. Coaches must adhere to all standards, policies, and regulations concerning Ursinus College and any governing body associated with the sport or activity. Coaches serve at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Students and will be required to meet on a regular basis with the Leadership Development & Student Activities staff to ensure clear expectations and communications.

Coaches are considered volunteers of the college and must complete a series of paperwork through Human Resources in order to serve. Doug Camburn, of Human Resources, is responsible for all volunteers of the college. Any questions should be directed to him at 610-409-3185 or Please see Appendix D for all information regarding coaches as volunteers.

Budget & Fundraising


The college cannot guarantee financial support for the club sports program. Currently, the club sports program at Ursinus operates under the “pay to play” policy enacted by the Activities Fund Allocations Committee (AFAC). As of spring 2011, this caps all club sports’ budgets at 5% of the total AFAC budget. The practical implication of this is that teams will have to pay out-of-pocket for most expenses.

Ursinus College Fundraising Policy

Fundraising is defined as the collection of money through donations, sales, and/or event programming for the purposes of charitable donation or organizational project.

The following guidelines are applicable to all fundraising activities by recognized student organizations, college departments and course sanctioned groups:
The organization must complete a request form and obtain approval of the fundraising activity from the Fundraising Approval Board (FAB), which has representation from students and staff from the following departments: Student Activities, UCARE, Business Office, Advancement, Dean’s Office and Academic Programming. This group meets weekly throughout the semester.
1. The fundraising activity is required to offer a benefit to the College community that is consistent with its educational mission.
2. The purpose for which the funds will be raised must be consistent with the group’s goals and Ursinus College policies. The fundraising activity must not violate legal, tax, or corporate restraints upon the College.
3. An accounting of any funds raised must be provided to FAB within five business days of the event or completion of project.
4. A currently enrolled student member(s) of the group must be present during the entire event.
5. In the absence of an available exemption, the event sponsor is responsible for ensuring the collection, reporting, and payment of all applicable Pennsylvania State Sales and Use Taxes.
6. Event organizers are responsible for ensuring that proposed activities comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.
7. Spaces in which the fundraising activity is occurring must be identified by a sign indicating the conducting entity’s name, goods, and/or services being sold, and prices.
8. Neither individuals (regardless of affiliations with Ursinus College) nor private, commercial organizations may sell or promote the sale of products or services on Ursinus College owned, operated, or controlled property except:
a. Individuals or organizations with whom/which Ursinus College has entered into a written contract.
b. Individuals or organizations authorized in writing by Ursinus College to engage in the sales of goods or services for the benefit of a recognized Ursinus group.
9. Commercial or corporate sponsorship of programs or events is permissible provided that no products and/or services are sold at the event or in connection with the project.
10. Ursinus College reserves the right to require third parties participating in or conducting fundraising activities to meet additional requirements, including without limitation requirements that such parties furnish evidence of insurance coverage acceptable to the College and/or agree to indemnify the College and College personnel against liabilities arising from their acts or omissions.
11. Ursinus College reserves the right to approve the identity of any proposed sponsor and the content of sponsorship materials associated with a fundraising activity.

Fundraising for Non-College affiliated Charitable Organizations
Fundraising for non-profit, charitable organizations (e.g., The Red Cross, American Cancer Society, etc.) having no direct affiliation with Ursinus College is permissible provided that the above guidelines are followed, and:
1. The organization submits a statement of support on the organization’s letterhead to FAB acknowledging that the fundraising will occur on its behalf and indicating the expected date of the receipt of the donation.
2. The organization provides proof to the College that it is registered as a not-for-profit, charitable organization, that it has received an Internal Revenue Service exemption letter, and that its proposed use of College owned, operated, or controlled property is in furtherance of its tax-exempt, charitable purpose(s).
3. The Ursinus group planning the event is responsible for all costs incurred in connection with the event, other than those borne by the charitable organization.
4. Educational information about the agency and the services it provides is made available at the event.
5. The charitable organization is responsible for ensuring that its activities comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.

Fundraising Examples:
Ursinus College provides the following as general examples of items that may be used to raise funds. Please note that the College reserves the right to review and approve all items.
1. Items for sale that have been produced by the organization (e.g., baskets, bouquets of flowers)
2. Cash donations
3. Donations of items of value (e.g., clothing, school supplies)
4. Items for sale that are directly related to the student organization’s mission or goals (e.g., plants sold by the Horticulture Club)
5. Pre-packaged items (e.g., candy, gum)

Ursinus College reserves the right to restrict all fundraising activities to reasonable times, places, and manners. The following activities are specifically prohibited:
1. Solicitation by credit card or telephone card companies, unless approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs and Senior Vice President of Advancement.
2. Door-to-door fundraising on Ursinus College owned, operated, or controlled property, unless approved by the Director of Residence Life
3. Sale or distribution of items that violate College trademark rights or existing contracts

The specific campus locations listed below have established additional criteria for fundraising activities. All of these areas require the approval by FAB and:
1. Residence Halls: approval by the Residence Life Office
2. Academic Buildings: approval by the Academic Dean’s Office
3. Athletic Facilities: approval by the Athletics Office

Additional Restrictions and Requirements
Ursinus College acknowledges that a policy of this nature may not anticipate every possible issue that may arise with respect to fundraising activities. As a result, the College reserves the right to impose reasonable restrictions and/or requirements with respect to the time, place, and manner of fundraising activities. These restrictions may be in addition to, or in lieu of, those set forth in the policy.

Failure to obtain permission to engage in or sponsor sales or fundraising, or failure to adhere to College policy regarding activities for which permission has been granted, will result in the curtailment and/or cancellation of the event.

Sanctions for violation of this policy by students and/or college groups include, but are not limited to: fines and/or restitution, loss of the right to use College property or facilities for activities, loss of recognition for student organizations, disciplinary sanctions, and other educational sanctions appropriate to the circumstances.

Reservation of Rights
Ursinus College reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

Scheduling & Facility Use


The Assistant Director of Leadership Development & Student Activities will work closely with club sport leaders to schedule matches and practices. The Assistant Director reserves the right to disallow home matches for various reasons, involving scheduling issues, field space, parking concerns, or previous misconduct by the club sport.
At the start of each season, the following information should be provided:

  • Contact information for team captains/secretaries
  • Practice Schedule Requests
  • Game Schedule Requests

Guidelines for Facility Use

Student groups wishing to secure classroom space should contact Linda Korenkiewicz, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Student groups wishing to secure space on the Hunsberger Woods field should contact the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office.

Floy Lewis Bakes Center/Main Lobby/Field House/Outdoor Athletic Facilities - Guidelines for use:
Priority for use of the above facilities will be given in the following order:

  • ESS Classes
  • Athletics – practice, games, athletic team, clinics, tournaments, etc.
  • Intramurals
  • Club Sports
  • General Student Use (free/open play)
  • Fundraiser events (general student body)

All scheduled events must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Each team must work with the Assistant Director of Leadership Development & Student Activities to secure practice space and fields for competition.
  • Groups should submit requests at the beginning of each semester. All details must be clearly written up in the event form.
  • The building/area must be cleaned up after the event – no trash or equipment left in the field house/main lobby.
  • The point person/contact person must be available for questions leading up to and following the event.
  • A member of UCEMS must be on hand at all on-campus competitive club competitions.
  • All equipment must remain in the field house – what is there cannot be removed or stored elsewhere.
  • The Athletic department cannot set up equipment for club sports. Groups wishing to secure tables, chairs must do so through the Facilities Services.
  • If an event is scheduled to last beyond normal building hours, the point person for the event must contact campus safety (ahead of time) to make arrangements for securing the facility at the completion of the event.
  • Curtains must be returned to the stored position after any event in the field house.
  • The Leadership Development & Student Activities Office will work closely with Athletics and Facilities Services to determine playing conditions of the fields.
  • The college has the right to cancel/reschedule ANY event if the fields are deemed unplayable or unsafe.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, club sports should contact the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office to make indoor accommodations. Please note that the LD/SAO staff will explore all available options before having to cancel.

Storage and Equipment Use

Club sports should make every effort to secure storage space for their equipment that does not necessarily involve athletic facilities. The athletic department will make every effort to find storage space; however, due to the heavy use of storage space, the athletic department does not guarantee storage areas. Club sports are responsible for the security and maintenance of their own equipment. Groups that share equipment with the athletic department or intramurals may be asked to share expenses when maintenance/repairs/new purchases are necessary.

Standards and Conduct

  • Club sports are non-profit, do not provide financial aid or scholarships to participants, and do not emphasize recruitment.
  • All club sport members are expected to adhere to the student code of conduct as found in the Student Handbook.
  • Club sport members assume financial responsibilities for participation in a club sport (above what is allocated by AFAC funding).
  • Generally, events and competition are scheduled with universities/colleges within a 100-mile radius of Ursinus College, with the exception of regional and end-of-the-season tournaments.
  • Coach/captain must meet with the Assistant Director of Leadership Development & Student Activities to arrange facility contract.
  • Any use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances connected to club sport activities may result in loss of recognition of the club sport and withdrawal of college funding. The individual(s) involved will be subject to Ursinus College’s judicial process.

The use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs is prohibited on any playing field or venue of Ursinus College. Any athlete (club or intercollegiate) found to be in violation will be subjected to Ursinus College judicial policy.

Sexual & Discriminatory Harassment

The Ursinus College sexual harassment/discriminatory prohibits any and all forms to harassment or discrimination including harassment by speech or other expression. Our community environment should be free from all forms of discrimination.

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other physical, verbal or visual conduct based on sex constitute sexual harassment when the conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work or academic performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working or academic environment. Sexual harassment may include, among other things, explicit sexual propositions; sexual innuendo; suggestive comments; sexually oriented “kidding” or “teasing”; “practical jokes”; jokes about gender-specific traits; foul or obscene language or gestures; display of foul or obscene printed or visual material; physical contact such as patting, pinching or brushing against another’s body; suggestive looks or leering; and e-mail transmission of sexual jokes or sexually explicit images.

A full copy of Ursinus College’s harassment policy is available from Human Resources and is posted on the website. Ursinus is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free of discrimination. In keeping with this commitment, Ursinus will not tolerate harassment of any Ursinus personnel, student or fellow faculty member by any Ursinus faculty member or employee. Ursinus strictly prohibits sexual harassment and harassment of any kind in the workplace. Ursinus will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, including harassment based on sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, and other forms of legally impermissible harassment. Ursinus also will not tolerate offensive or otherwise unprofessional behavior that it determines is inappropriate in the workplace, even if it does not amount to unlawful harassment.

Title IX Coordinator

Kimberly F. Taylor, M.Ed.
Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Campus Safety
Wismer Hall


Any club sport participant who sustains an injury should report to the Wellness Center for diagnosis and treatment. It’s important that students receive treatment in a timely manner. In addition to visiting the Wellness Center, students should report injuries to the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office.

Club sport participants must provide their own ice and coolers for practices and games. Each organization must have emergency cards in their first aid kit, as well as on file with the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office. Clubs Sport participants will not be provided access to the Athletic Training Room. Current NCAA rules and regulations prohibit the Athletics Trainers (ATC’s) from providing diagnosis, treatment, or rehab for club sport participants.

Insurance and Medical Liability

Before a student can participate in any club sport he/she must do the following.
All students participating in any club sport here at Ursinus College must have their own personal medical insurance in case of injury or illness associated with participation in a club sport – including but not limited to practices, meetings, games/matches, and travel. Any student who is injured or becomes ill while in the course of practices, meetings, games/matches, or travel must make an appointment to see one of the medical providers in the Wellness Center as soon as possible. In case of an emergency – if on campus please contact UC EMS/Campus Safety at 610-409-3333, if off campus dial 9-1-1 and then call Campus Safety to make a report of the incident. Should you have any questions concerning medical services here at Ursinus College please contact the Wellness Center at or by calling 610-409-3100.

*Please note that Ursinus College assumes no responsibility for treatment or payment of medical bills concerning any student who is injured or who becomes ill due to participation in a club sport here at Ursinus College.

Appendix A: Contacts

Todd McKinney
Associate Dean of Students

Angela Cuva
Assistant Director, LD/SAO

Appendix B: Overview of Club Sports

Administrative Group: Leadership Development & Student Activities


Competitive Club

Recreational Club

Key Points

  • student-run
  • travel and compete on/off campus
  • may belong to a league
  • practice throughout the week
  • may or may not have a coach- if yes, and coach is a non-UC person, must have background check with HR - interview with CSI Director and review of expectations and responsibilities
  • constitution/officers/yearly renewal


  • student-run
  • interested in playing a sport year round
  • practicing throughout the week
  • no competitions on or off campus
  • may or may not have a coach- if yes, and coach is a non-UC person, must have background check with HR - interview with CSI Director and review of expectations and responsibilities
  • constitution/officers/yearly renewal

Number of Current Clubs



List of Current Clubs

  • Rugby – Men
  • Rugby – Women
  • Volleyball – Men
  • Soccer – Men
  • Ultimate Frisbee – Co-ed
  • Roller Hockey – Men
  • Table Tennis – Co-ed
  • Ninjitsu
  • Fencing Association
  • Running
  • Water Polo
  • Triathlon Club (approved 3/21/12)


Game/Practice Requirements

  • Schedule to CSI Dir
  • Cert of insurance (for opponents and UC)
  • EMS/ATC present at game
  • 1st Aid kits - at all practices/games
  • Travel rosters to CSI Dir 48 hrs prior to game
  • Game Contracts
  • 1st Aid kits – at all practices


Funding:AFAC Budget Committee

  • All Club Sports are pay-to-play, meaning that students will absorb any and all costs above and beyond their AFAC allocation. Club Sports secure their own equipment, practice space, and game schedules.

Record Keeping: Leadership Development & Student Activities would keep on file each year, all club sport information related to:

  • Yearly renewal of club status
  • Rosters
  • Budgets
  • Game contracts
  • Emergency Action Plans for venues (on campus)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Coaches (if UC or non-UC employee)
  • Advisor

Appendix C: Forms

Appendix D: Volunteer Forms

Go to the Club Sports Handbook (PDF)to view forms.