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Organization Adviser Manual

The Leadership Development & Student Activities Office is here to provide the support and assistance to help all clubs and organizations remain successful. Within the pages of this manual, you will learn about many useful college resources ranging from room reservations and event planning to student conduct and the Activity Fee Allocation Committee. As an organization adviser, we would like you to take the time to read this manual in hopes that we can share and learn together.

Mission and Purpose

Students worldwide demonstrate conviction and ceaseless energy. Ursinus students are known for their achievements and dedicated involvement. The role of an organization adviser is crucial to the success of a student organization. The adviser who simply lends his/her name to an organization to fulfill a requirement does a great disservice to that group. Effective advising requires numerous skills normally associated with teaching or counseling and a willingness to commit time to the activities of an organization. This publication is designed to aid you in your mission to remain a successful organization adviser at Ursinus College. You will find that organizational achievement is an underlying premise of the College’s mission.


 The SAO oversees all Ursinus student clubs and organizations! We offer resources, counsel, and guidance to any organization in need of help. All new student organization requests start in the LD/SAO. The basic procedure for starting a new club/organization is outlined in the “Becoming an Ursinus Student Organization” section of this manual. All clubs and organizations receiving AFAC funding are required to register with the LD/SAO. Registration occurs every Spring semester. This process will be initiated by the LD/SAO.


 All AFAC funded & Greek Organizations that wish to host an event on campus open to all students must complete and submit an Event Planning Approval Form located on the Leadership Development & Student Activities website. When planning with your club/organization, your event planner will need to submit an online form that will be directed to the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office. Once submitted, a Leadership Consultant, who is a trained student employee, will schedule to meet with you within 24 hours of the submission. The details discussed in this appointment will include event management, fiscal planning, communication and marketing, and general assistance in making the event successful.  The Leadership Consultant will also discuss what logistical support is vital to events. This includes but is not limited to facilities, catering, technological needs, and the business office. This is a direct link to the online submission form: https://www.ursinus.edu/live/forms/45-event-plan-proposal-for-studentsThis process should be completed prior to reserving spaces on campus.


 In order to reserve a room in the Wismer Student Center, you must file an electronic form. Please go to the Leadership Development & Student Activities homepage to find the form under “Reserve a Space”. You will need the following information:

  • Name of Organization hosting event
  • Date & Time — To ensure you get the day and time you want, reserve your room as far in advance of your event as possible. If your event is being held before or after normal operating hours, your organization will be billed for a Campus Center Manager.
  • Technical Needs — Sound system, television, lighting, etc.

You can reserve the following rooms:

  • Wismer Lower Lounge
  • Red Alcove
  • Gold Alcove
  • Zacks Patio
  • Wismer Bear’s Den
  • Student Activities Conference Room

The Faculty/Staff Dining Room is scheduled by the Dining Services Office. The Presidents’ Dining Room is scheduled by Linda Korenkiewicz. You are responsible for the set-up and breakdown of your event. If extensive set-up is required, you will need to contact Facilities at ext. 3598 and submit a work request well in advance of your organization’s event. Your group is also responsible for leaving the area as clean as or cleaner than you found it.


Being an effective adviser means developing a style that matches the club or organization’s needs.  When developing this style, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the club, the types of activities they are involved in, and the mission of Ursinus College.  Some groups will need more or less attention depending on the time of year.  Negotiate with the group the time and attention they need from you before you agree to be their adviser. 

 Taking an active role in the organization (attending the majority of meetings, events, meeting with officers on a regular basis, giving advice) does not mean that you are running the organization.  It means that you guide and assist the officers in their roles, not doing the day–to-day operations.   You may attend fewer meetings, or meet less frequently with the officers if the organization does not need an active adviser.

 The main objective of an adviser is to be available to guide and assist the officers or members in the mission and goals of the group.  How active or passive you will be should be negotiated between you and the group.  Communication is essential.


Organizations rarely become successful without the active involvement of an adviser. The College requires that each student club/organization be advised by at least one full-time faculty or staff member. The LD/SAO requires any eligible adviser to attend an adviser training held in the fall semester. Effective advising requires numerous skills normally associated with teaching or counseling and a willingness to commit time to these activities. Advising often offers few rewards other than the personal satisfaction that one has contributed significantly to the growth and development of students through co-curricular activities. We encourage you to build a list of expectations between the executive board and yourself. Below is a list of expectations that we in the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office hold for our advisers.

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings
  • Have regular meetings with the officers to discuss organizational goals
  • Support the group
  • Be familiar with the group’s history and traditions. The advisor should also be familiar with the constitution and by-laws and should be prepared to assist with the interpretation of those.
  • Be knowledgeable about appropriate College policies
  • Recognize the general financial condition of the organization
  • Monitor the group’s functions and encourage all members of the group to fully participate, assume appropriate responsibility for group activities, and to maintain a balance between academic responsibilities and co-curricular involvement.
  • Consider the impact of activities the group wishes to engage in. An advisor has the right to tell the group that they cannot have a certain activity, etc.
  • Intervene in conflicts between group members and/or officers.
  • Provide continuity and stability as leadership changes.
  • Contact the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office to discuss organizational problems, concerns, plans, and changes in organizational status.
  • Sign all documents which require an advisor’s approval (i.e. check request forms)
  • Provide honest feedback to group members and positive reinforcement for accomplishments.
  • Share your experience and expertise when appropriate.
  • Have the ability to lend a helping hand, provide a shoulder to cry on, lend a listening ear, and bestow a kick as needed.
  • Contact the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office to resign from your advising responsibilities

Full Manual

Click the link below for the full adviser manual.

Organization Adviser Manual


In the beginning of any great relationship, expectations are the first issue to be discussed. Whether you are a new organization adviser or an experienced adviser starting another year, please take the time to sit down with the Executive Board of your organization and complete the exercise below.


Please complete this contract and file. This contract is an agreement for the adviser and the organizations members. Please clearly identify the expectations and roles within this contract. Submit to the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office.