Planning an Event

Being recognized as a club or organization means you have the ability to host an event on campus. However, these events need to be approved by SAO. Here’s how to get that done.

How does this work?

When planning with your club/organization, your Event Planner, one designated member of the organization, will need to submit an online form that will be directed to the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office. Once submitted, a Leadership Consultant, who is a trained student employee, will schedule to meet with you within 24 hours of the submission. The details discussed in this appointment will include event management, fiscal planning, communication and marketing, and general assistance in making the event successful.  The Leadership Consultant will also discuss what logistical support is vital to events. This includes but is not limited to facilities, catering, technological needs, and the business office. After event approval goes through Dean McKinney, you are all set to host your event!

Step 1

Read our Event Planning Manual. This manual outlines all important information involving process, logistics, and planning that you need to organize a successful event. 

Step 2 

Fill out this form to submit your event for approval. The information you provide will go directly to a Leadership Consultant in the SAO. They will then reach out to you to schedule a meeting.

Step 3

Meet with an LC in the SAO. They will make sure that you’ve correctly filled out all documentation, that you have all the resources you need, and that your event will be a success. After the meeting, a copy of your Event Planning Form will go to Dean McKinney for approval. Once approved, you can reserve the space through EMS and host your event!

Visual Learner?

Here is a handy graphic that outlines this process!

Just hosted an event? How did it go? Tell us!

Keeping track of event evaluations can help your organization plan successful events in the future. If you’ve recently hosted an event, fill out this form:

Post Event Evaluation

We will keep a record of your event evaluations, and your Event Planner can stop by the SAO at any time for a comprehensive list when planning next semester’s events!