Interested in gaining new members? Want to draw attention to your club’s event? Make sure you read this!

Advertisement Policy

  • Advertisements via email, poster, etc. need to be approved by the Leadership Development & Student Activities Office before being placed around campus or sent out. Approved advertisements must be STAMPED.
  • Any ads being broadcasted on the TV or over email need to be created on Microsoft PowerPoint. If going to our television channel, they need to be emailed as an attachment to
  • Any posters need to be made on PowerPoint with the traditional dimensions, 40 x 30. Email ads converted to JPEG
  • To read the entire policy, please read the document here.

Poster Policy

Please view the Solicitations Policy in the Student Handbook, linked here. Make sure any posters for your organization abide by these policies—those that do not may be removed by Student Activities Staff. 

Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Student Activities email: