Organization Accreditation Process

Welcome to the Organization Accreditation Process (OAP). In order to exist as an organization on campus, you must meet the following requirements and submit the following documents. Everything you need to know is provided below!

What is OAP?

OAP is a series of documentation that must be provided to SAO at the end of every semester in order to remain an organization on campus. It contains information requirements, including:

  • Names of President and Treasurer for next semester
  • Name of Faculty Advisor
  • UCSG-Approved Constitution
  • Organization Transition Plan
  • Summary of Semester Activities or Achievements
  • List of Membership
  • Attendance of at least 3 members to the Student Activities Office Student Club & Organization Training

What does my organization need to do?

1. Read the following to familiarize yourself with OAP and its requirements.

2. Below are links to the required documents (to be submitted through the OAP survey):

3. Submit your OAP information through this form  by the deadline each semester. 

Fall 2019 Deadline: December 7th at 11:59pm

Starting a new organization? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Read the following document, which outlines the process and requirements of starting an organization.

2. Recruit potential members and a faculty adviser. Provide the adviser with the following document:

3. Name a President and Treasurer, then draft an Organization Constitution, as outlined in the template below:

4. Submit all information and documentation through this Intent to Organize form.

5. A Leadership Consultant will schedule a meeting with you regarding the organization information. Your application will then be evaluated by UCSG on the criteria outlined in the Intent to Organize document above.

When approved, you will need to complete the OAP survey every semester as outlined above. 

Any questions or concerns about OAP or starting an organization may be directed towards UCSG or Student Activities: