Student Affairs

Student Affairs is dedicated to helping students determine what matters to them and how they should live together.  We foster a community of care that helps students understand the world and how they will interact on campus, and in the community as global citizens.

As a result of the student experience at Ursinus College, students will become a community of independent and thoughtful leaders.

Community - Leadership - Independence - Thoughtfulness

At Ursinus, you’ll work hard in the classroom. You’ll set ambitious goals, and with the help of a dedicated faculty and talented classmates, you’ll achieve them. But your college education doesn’t just happen in classrooms, labs and libraries. It also occurs in fields, studios, and residence hall rooms; stages, courts, and campus hangouts; coffee houses and bleachers.

The Ursinus experience isn’t just what you learn, it’s the people with whom you learn. Join a diverse community of students from all over the world.  Live and learn with them - as your classmates, teammates, fellow artists and musicians, and partners in community service projects.

You will be prepared for a rich life interacting with a diverse population.

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