Planning an Event

Being recognized as a club or organization means you have the ability to host an event on campus. However, these events need to be approved by Student Engagement. Here’s how to get that done in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Your organization’s Event Planner (one designated member of the organization) will need to complete and submit the AFAC Funding and Event Space Approval form below. The information you provide will go directly to the Student Engagement Team and Student Government Association Treasurer. If approved for AFAC funding, you will receive an email from the SGA Treasurer. If Approved for an Event Space, you will receive an email from Student Engagement.

AFAC and Event Space Approval Form

Step 2

Once you receive event space approval from the Student Engagement Team, you will need to  reserve your desired location through the Event Management System (EMS) using the link below. Once this is approved, you will need to figure out logistical support. This includes but is not limited to facilities, catering, and technological needs. You can contact each office through the emails below:

EMS Portal

Step 3

Once approved and step 2 is complete, you can host your event! If you require reimbursement from AFAC funds please email your receipts to the SGA treasurer: