Intent to Organize

The following page describes the process for creating a new club or organization at Ursinus College. Thank you for your initiative, and we are so excited to see what new ideas you bring to the table!

Starting a new organization? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Read the following document, which outlines the process and requirements of starting an organization.

2. Recruit potential members and a faculty adviser. Provide the adviser with the following document:

3. Name a President and Treasurer, then draft an Organization Constitution, as outlined in the template below:

4. Submit all information and documentation through this Intent to Organize form

5. Your application will then be evaluated by UCSG on the criteria outlined in the Intent to Organize document above.

When approved, you will need to complete the OAP survey every semester as outlined in the Organization Accreditation Process tab.

Any questions or concerns about starting an organization may be directed towards UCSG or Student Engagement: