Student Club & Organization Training

Welcome to Student Club & Organization Training (SCOT)! SCOT is a seminar to designed to help club & organization leadership be successful. 

What is SCOT?

SCOT is an hour-long training session for club & organization leaders, and it covers all aspects of starting a club, going through accreditation, getting funding, planning an event, fundraising, and advertising. 

Who attends SCOT?

At least 3 members of every organization must attend SCOT once a semester: the organization’s President & Treasurer, and one non-senior member

When is SCOT?

In the Fall 2021 semester, SCOT will be held:


In the Spring 2022 semester, SCOT will be held:


What happens if my organization does not attend SCOT?

If your organization fails to attend, then they will not pass the OAP for that semester. Failure to pass the OAP two semesters in a row results in organization termination. 


Need to go over the information from SCOT?

Check out the PowerPoint !

Questions or concerns?

Please reach out to: or