Financial Aid Appeal

All policies and procedures identified herein must be implemented consistent with applicable State, Federal and NCAA Division III requirements.  Specifically, institutional athletics staff members, including but not limited to athletic coaches, may not directly or indirectly influence a prospective student-athletes financial aid package as assembled by the financial aid officer or financial aid committee.

Current students and prospective students have the option to appeal for additional funding based on extenuating circumstances that are not considered through their FAFSA submission.  These extenuating circumstances include, but are not limited to: death of a parent, separation or divorce of parents, loss of or change in a parent’s job, and unusual or unexpected expenses.

In accordance with NCAA Division III regulations, athletics leadership, ability, participation, or performance may not be considered in the awarding of any financial aid. This includes the process of reviewing, considering, and granting appeals. Please do not mention any of these items within your appeal.

All appeals must originate from a student or their parent.   If a student or parent of a student wishes to appeal for additional financial aid, they must submit an appeal through our online appeal form.  In cases where both the parent and student are unable to complete the online appeal form, a paper version of the form will be provided to the family upon request.

Once an appeal is received by the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS), the Associate Director of OSFS will review the appeal to determine if any additional documentation is required to process the appeal; the student and/or parent will be notified of needed information by phone and email.  If a student is selected for federal verification, the family will need to provide OSFS with all verification documents before their appeal is reviewed.  Once all documents are received and the student’s file has been verified (if applicable), the appeal will be reviewed by the Appeal Review Committee (ARC).  Appeal reviews for prospective students will begin starting the first full business week of November and continue throughout the remainder of the application cycle. Appeals for current students will begin the first full week of June.

After an appeal has been reviewed, ARC will notify the student of their determination by phone and email. If additional funds are granted to the student, OSFS will also provide them with a revised award letter notifying them of any changes to their awards. All appeal decisions made by the ARC are final.

If you are an incoming first-year or transfer student (not currently taking classes) who has a circumstance that you would like us to consider through the appeal process, please visit the incoming student appeal form here.  Please note that you will need to use the login information that was provided to you when you applied to Ursinus College in order to access your admission portal.

If you are a current/returning student (currently taking classes) who has a circumstance that you would like us to consider through the appeal process, please visit the returning student appeal form here.