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Theater Scholarship

The theater department awards a scholarship of $40,000/year to an outstanding theater student with ability, commitment, and leadership.

How to Apply

Students interested in auditioning must:

  1. For top consideration, students should apply to the college Early Action by November 1 or Early Decision 1 by December 1 and complete the required supplemental application by January 3. Limited finalist spots are available for Regular Decision and Early Decision 2 students who apply to the college by January 1 and submit the supplemental application by January 3.
  2. Complete the application by January 3, 2024. To apply students will login with the username and password sent to them upon application submission to Ursinus. Please check the email address associated with your application.
  3. Auditions will be held on campus in February 2024.*

Learn more about the Theater program on their website. If you would like to connect with a faculty member please contact Meghan Brodie, Department Chair.

On the Day of Auditions, Applicants are Required to:

  • Actors will prepare two contrasting memorized monologues that, combined, do not exceed three minutes.
  • Theater design, theater technology, and stage management students will present their prepared portfolio.
  • Be prepared to participate in both an acting workshop taught by Ursinus faculty and a short interview

Terms of the Scholarship

We encourage the scholarship recipient to pursue a major in Theater or a double-major in Theater and another discipline. The scholarship recipient must meet the following two criteria each year for the scholarship to be renewed each year:

  • participation (as a performer, crew member, or production team member) in at least one of the four Department-sponsored theater productions each year
  • enrollment in at least one 4-credit Theater course (or a combination of Theater courses for a total of at least 4 credits) each year

Please note that the Theater Scholarship replaces any Ursinus College Scholarship previously offered by Ursinus College.