U-Imagine Ambassadors

Each year we enroll five incoming students designated as U-Imagine Ambassadors, who will receive a scholarship worth $8,000 per year, on top of their merit award. This scholarship is renewable for all four years provided the students remain in good academic standing.

U-Imagine Ambassadors will engage closely with our U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies. The U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies offers students a variety of opportunities to explore, experience, and excel at whatever might interest them. IMAGINE U collaborating with other students to create something of value that really matters to you. The U-Imagine Center is open to any student in any major and provides a premier space on campus to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Students can enhance their skills for life beyond college through the various programs that the U-Imagine Center provides. If U can IMAGINE it, you can do it!

Ambassadors will work closely with our Entrepreneur-in-Residence Maureen Cumpstone and will have unique opportunities to gain exposure to the likes of digital marketing, public relations, venture development work, and much more.

Ambassadors are expected to dedicate at least six hours per week to the Center.

How to Apply

1. For top consideration, students should apply to the college Early Action by November 1 or Early Decision 1 by December 1 and complete the required supplemental application by January 3. Limited finalist spots are available for Regular Decision and Early Decision 2 students who apply to the college by January 1 and submit the supplemental application by January 3. 

2. Complete the application by January 3, 2024. To apply students will log in with the username and password sent to them upon application submission to Ursinus. Please check the email address associated with your application.

3. Applications are due by January 3, 2024. On-campus interviews will take place February 2024.

Essay Question on Application

Describe a specific event, in which you helped take an idea from concept to action either by yourself or with others. What did you learn from this experience and how does it continue to shape your ability to seek out and act on new opportunities?