Student Financial Services

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Billing and Payment

The Office of SFS will mail out a paper bill to the student for the first bill of each semester to the preferred address on file.  

After the initial bill, all account information is available on the Grizzly Gateway and students are encouraged to check their account frequently.  Students can grant access to their account by completing the proxy form.

Semester Mailed By Balance Due By
Fall 2019 7/3/2019 8/1/2019
Spring 2020 12/4/2019 1/2/2020

 Unpaid Balance Hold

A hold can only be removed once the account is satisfied and during our normal business hours.

The Grizzly Gateway

Students  have access to their account information and the ability to pay online directly through the Grizzly Gateway.

Students may grant access to a third party via the person proxy tab on their self-service page.

Note about financial aid:

Anticipated financial aid (e.g. student loans, private scholarships and grants) is shown on the initial bill of each semester as a credit, as if it has already paid to the account. However it is up to the student to follow through on any financial aid requirements such as completing loan applications and their requirements, submission of outside scholarship letters to the office of Student Financial Assistance, verification requests by FAFSA, the State, and Ursinus College. After the initial bill for each semester, financial aid that has not yet paid to the student account may result in additional amounts owed.

Estimated Student Account Credit Balance Options:

*Fall 2019         From 8/22-9/6/19

*Spring 2020    From 1/21-2/4/20

Students can purchase textbooks and educational materials in the UC Bookstore (up to amount of credit balance but not to exceed $500).  A charge for the purchase will be placed on the student account and deducted from the available credit. This option is not available for students that are on a monthly payment plan.

*Requests for refund checks will be available only after dates listed below: 

*Fall 2019          9/7/19

*Spring 2020     2/5/20

Refunds checks are processed weekly and are available only on Fridays after 1pm.

Credit Balances

Ursinus College will automatically refund credit balances on a student account after financial aid is disbursed to the account.  All refund checks are made payable to the student (unless the credit is caused by an overpayment of a parent plus loan and was marked as payable to the parent on the application )and will be mailed to the home address on file.

A student may request their refund after all financial aid has been disbursed by filling out a refund request in the Office of Student Accounts.

A student may also make a request to pick up their check in person at the Office of Student Financial Services by emailing: