Billing and Payment

News Alert:  Ursinus College Is Paperless For Student Billing! 

Students and Proxy Users will receive an email on July 8 when the Fall 2024 billing is ready to view. The anticipated balance is due in full no later than August 5. Be sure to visit our payment methods page on the left for available payment options.

All account information is available on self-service and students are encouraged to check their account frequently.  It is recommended that the students grant access to their billing account to the person or persons responsible for paying the account.

Semester Available Online Only Balance Due By
Fall 2024 7/8/2024 8/5/2024
Spring 2025 12/1/2024 1/3/2025

Note about financial aid

Anticipated financial aid (e.g. student loans, private scholarships and grants) is shown on the initial bill of each semester as a credit, as if it has already paid to the account. However it is up to the student to follow through on any financial aid requirements such as completing loan applications and their requirements, submission of outside scholarship letters to the office of Student Financial Assistance, verification requests by FAFSA, the State, and Ursinus College. After the initial bill for each semester, financial aid that has not yet paid to the student account may result in additional amounts owed.