Please note that the amount in Box 1 may be blank or less than you paid in 2020 for qualified tuition and fees.  This is due to the IRS change in the reporting method in 2018.  Under that change, the amount in Box 1 of your 2020 1098T may be understated as compared to the amount paid.  The form is only a tool and you should refer to IRS Publication 970 for more information and instructions on filing for educational tax credits.  

Our staff is not qualified to give tax advice.  If you have any questions, you may wish to contact the IRS or a tax professional.

As required by the IRS, 1098-T forms are produced by January 31 for all students with qualified tuition and other related educational expenses, scholarships and/or grants billed to them during the previous calendar year. 

Current students

Current students will  be able to view and print your 1098-T form through the Grizzly Gateway by January 31st.  Printed forms for current students will no longer be mailed unless a student has opted out of the online option. 

Click on link below for information to understanding the 1098-T form.

1098T Form Example and Explanation


How to access a student’s 1098-T form online-Current Students Only

  • Go to the Ursinus website using Internet Explorer or Chrome as your search engine
  • Select Information For: Students at the top of the page
  • Locate the Grizzly Gateway
  • Under Self Service for Students, click onto Financial Information
  • Next click onto View Account & Make Payments
  • Click the home button on the left side of the page (house icon) 
  • Next choose Tax Information tab
  • Click the consent tab
  • View and print form 

Non-current students

We will be mailing out a copy of the 1098-T by January 31st to the home address on file.