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Separation Policy

Upon a student’s dismissal or withdrawal from the College prior to the first day of class each academic semester, the student will receive a full credit of monies paid. 

For new students only, the credit will be less $500.00 to cover application, enrollment and registration charges.  Additionally, any student indebtedness to the College or to any of its departments or agencies will be deducted from any remainder due to the student.

Ursinus College will credit tuition, fees, and board charges to students who withdrawal from the college, not a class(es), using the table below. There is NO credit for housing starting on the first day of classes.  Institutional financial aid will also be adjusted using the percentages found in the table below.  All federal aid received will be adjusted according to the requirements mandated by Title IV.

The separation policy below pertains to both full-time and part-time students.

Note-All refund checks are made payable to the student.

100% Credit of Tuition, Room, Board, Fees

Prior to start of classes

Fall 2018              No later than 8/26/18

Spring 2019         No later than 1/22/19


75% Credit of Tuition, Board, Fees (No room credit)


Fall 2018               8/27-9/9/18

Spring 2018         1/23-2/10/19


50% Credit of Tuition, Board, Fees (No room credit)


Fall 2018              9/10-9/23/18

Spring 2018         2/11-2/24/19


25% Credit of Tuition, Board, Fees (No room credit)


Fall 2017              9/24-10/7/18

Spring 2018         2/25-3/10/19 


0% Credit of Tuition, Board, Fees (No room credit)


Fall 2017             10/8/18 or later

Spring 2018         3/11/19 or later