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Tuition and Cost

The cost of attending Ursinus includes tuition, room & board, and fees billed directly by the College. Other costs include books, travel, personal expenses, and loan fees.

Basic student charges at Ursinus College include tuition, room, board, and fees for resident students.

For 2018-2019, the following rates apply for full-time students:

Tuition $52,050
Room $8,500
Board $4,250

 Total Direct Costs for 2018-19: $64,800

Approximately 99 percent of all students receive some form of assistance. For 2017-18 Ursinus administered over $60 million in financial aid— over $45 million in the form of scholarships and grants you do not have to repay. 


Indirect Costs

Ursinus estimates that a student should budget approximately $3,300 per academic year on books, travel, and other expenses. These costs are different for each student.